Borrell of Brigsley and Hull

Family Tree

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Roberts of Wakefield Pearson of Wakefield Ramsden of Wrenthrope
Richardson of Hull Crompton of Nafferton Caton of Norfolk-Lincs


     Eliza lyonella charlotte  6th child of Margaret Bewley and Thurston john Caton    
     b.abt1780-90 Binbrook?                                              info 1a
     d.13sep1851  Hoylake ( Meols) Cheshire
     m1.11jun1804by licence at Grainsby Lincs.   ..........m2.07Oct1833  info 1b
     |                                                     |  Liverpool      
     Benjamin                                              Edward 
     Borrell      of Brigsley Manor                        Bolton     info 1c
     b.08aug1784  Waith 2nd son of                         b.1800
     br28nov1822  age 38   John Buril and Hannah Basnip    d.1870          
     |                                                                   info 1d
     |   BORRELL LINE    Elizth. c. Grainsbury rest of children c. at Brigsley
Elizth.      Lawrence     Lawrence     Richard       Harriet(ott)  Benjamin      Julia
charlotte    |                         cayton        caton         |             hannah 
c.12may1805  c.04nov1806  c.15feb1808  c.05mar1809   c.21nov1810   c.25apr1813   c.13sep1817
d.13may1858  d.young      d.01feb1840  d.10mar1873   d.marQt1887   br27mar1814   br26sep1817
|            *******      br08feb1840  |             |             Waithe        waithe
m.09jan1827               |            m.17apr1827   m.29may1834   ********      *********
|                         |            |             | Liverpool       
William                   |            Maria         Robert                    
Haigh                     |            Croft         Brown  of Hull
b.1799                    |            b.~1813       b.18nov1806 Leeds                  
d.1853                    |            br22mar1852   d.10oct1888  (family bible)
|                         |          Waithe age 43   both buried  Newland Parish 
|                         |            Myton, Hull   |
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sheet 2

     Elizabeth charlotte Borrell  1st child of Eliza Caton and Benjamin Borrell 
     c.12may1805 Grainsby                                 
     d.13may1858 London                        info 2a 
     m.09jan1827 Gainsbury Hall                 
     |                                      info 2b
     Haigh      only surviving son of      
     b.06sep1799  Halifax                           info 2c
     |               Haigh line  b amsterdam
     William         George       John frederick  Juliana
     |               henry        lawrence        maria      
     b.11may1828     b.12jul1829  b.feb1833       b.1839
     d.1845          d.06feb1887  d.oct1834       d.nov1840        info 2d 
     **********      |            **********      *********        
                     m.13dec1859 at Prospect Hall, near Dublin  
                     |                                          info 2e
                     Emma jane                                     
                     adelaide Harty dau of sir Robert way Harty of Dublin
                     |            Haigh line                               cont.
     George             Hedley           Ernest          John lionel   info 2f
     henry              william          marcus          leopold   
     caton              langley          harty           arnold 
     b.04sep1860        b.               b.              b.     
     d.11feb1941        d.1909+          d.19jan1908     d.  
     |                  |                |
     info 2g

  cont.        Haigh line                                     
          Claud             Adela            Sylvia          Melosina
          leigh             gwendoline       hermiony        cynthia  
          richmond          hilda            kathleen        violet  
          b.06jul1866       b.~1868          b.~jan1871      b.~1872/3
          |  Grainsaby
          d.1942                                             d.
          |                                                  |
          m.marqt1900                                        m.junqt1900
          | marylebone                                       | Paddington 
          Fanny Maria.W.                                     Wiliam henry 
          holland-Thomas                                     Ellis       
          d.sepqt1936    Louth age90                             
          |             (Grainsby)
          Elfrede               Lewis
          frances(fanny)        claude ernest 
          b.09sep1903 Dublin    b.marqt1908 
          merionethshire?       Toxteth Park
          d.1974 pwllteli       d.  
          *************         |
                                m.marqt1942 marylebone
         Geoffery    Harry      Fanny      Elain     Richard
         info 2h

© Haigh line by Fran Haigh
sheet 3

     Richard cayton Borrell  4th child of Eliza Caton and Benjamin Borrell 
     c.05mar1809 at Brigsley (as Richard caYton )     info 3a
     d.10mar1873 aged 63 buried ?
     m1.16Apr1827 Gretna Green  - and afterwards 
     m1.17apr1827 North Thoresby lincs.............m2.decqt1864 Sculcoates 9d 259
     |                                             | 
     Maria                                           Mary ann  info 3b
     Croft                                           Smith 
     b.~1809 Brigsley?                               b.~1824
     d.17mar1852 Hull  aged 43  buried Waithe        d.
     c.14may1829 Brigsley
     br11mar1852 Waithe, age 22 ,died  Hull 9d 140 
     m.sepqt1850   Hull 9d 142  info 3c
     Fanny .............................m2.... John sowersby Stark
     c.03jun1832 Laxton, Notts 
                 dau of Samuel Key and Mary
     richard caton  
     b.marqt1851 Hull 22 294
     d.marqt1852 Hull 9d 138  

sheet 4

     Harriet(ott) caton Borrell 5th child of Eliza Caton and Benjamin Borrell 
     b.Brigsley Manor                          info4a
     c.21nov1810     St Helens? Brigsley, Linconshire
     d.marqt1887     Cottingham           
     |                                        info4b 
     m.29may1834    Liverpool       
     Robert                                   info 4c  
     b.18nov1806**         (Family Bible igi has 1807)
     c.18ov1807 Leeds      West Yorkshire       info 4d  
     | both buried      Newland Parish Churchyard
     |        Children christened St.James, Hull    
     Harriet                       Sarah                        Marian                  
     charlotte                     eliza                        caton           
     b.?                           b.?                          b.20feb  1839? family bible
     c.04 jun 1835                 c.12 feb 1838                c.26mar1839    St James Hull
     d.05apr1889?                  d.marqt1899 age 59           d.09jul1910    Cottinham
     |                             |  Scarbrough                |
     m.decqt1869 Nottingham        m.sepqt1862 Hull             m.03aug1872 Hull   
     |                             |                            |      
     Joshua                        Joseph turner                Joseph 
     Robbins                       Bolton                       Richardson   
     b.~1823                       b.25apr1836                  b.12jan1821
     d.1885?                       d.01may1906 age 70           both buried  
     ********                      | Scarborough                Hull General Cemetary 
  info 5a info 5b info 5b To Richardson line  

sheet 6
       Sarah eliza Brown 2nd child of Harriet caton Borrell and Robert Brown      
       c.12 feb 1838    
       d.marqt1899 age 59    
       |  Scarbrough   
       m.sepqt1862 Hull  
       |                       info 6a
       Joseph turner 
       d.01may1906 age 70       
       | Scarborough             
       |                     Bolton line
       John          Ethel         Louis          Sarah
       turner        mary          |              turner  
       b.sepQt1865   b.marqt1868   b.decqt1870    b.decqt1873 
       Hull          c.15feb1868   |                sculcoates
       d.            d.sepqt1868   d.sepqt1883    d.03jun1943 Wallasey, Cheshire aged 66*
       |             ***********    sculcoates    |
       m.                            aged 12      m.09apr1901  St Matthews, Ardwick, Lancs
       |                           ***********    |
                                                  George             info 
                                                  b.marqt1872 cholton
                                                  d.27dec1930 Wallasey
                                                  | children registerd Birkenhead
                                                  Dorothy        Vivienne   
                                                  b.decqt1902    b.decqt1910
                                                  d.1979         d.
                                                  | Birkenhead   |
                                                  m.marqt1923    m.dec1933 and or sep34
                                                  |              |            
                                                  Arthur edward  Richard H(arold?)    info 8a
                                                  Beer           Evans       
                                                  b?marqt1900    b?decqt1900
                                                  Birkenhead     Birkenhead   
                                                  d.26dec1962    d.               info 8b
                                                  |              |
                                                  ============   ================
                                                  Angela         Godfrey
                                                   Mavis 1925     Richard
                                                    Arthur 1928

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