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            John Thurston of Hoxne in Suf.
            b.2jul1584 Hoxne           
            Died there 1 April 1640 of?             
            ease? 56 years buried in Hoxne. M1             
            m1.18dec1606 Fincham Norfolk ...................... m2.abt 1626 
            |                                                   |
            Elizabeth dau of Michael? of Loptham? Co. Nof.      Katherin
            Godbold                                             Fincham          
            b.1588  Lopham horfolk                              b.1600 Outwell
            d. 10 July? 1622 buried at                          d.
            St Andrews Trassian? London                       //==================||
            |                                                   Frederick    John
            |                                                   9oct1627   27dec1630
            |            Thurston christened Hoxne
John        Millicent   Bridget     Ann         Nathaniel   Clement     Susan       Robert 
c.03dec1609 c.22jan1611 c.21jul1612 c.27apr1615 c.06nov1616 c.12jan1618 c.15jun1620 c.20jun1621
|                                               |
d.1611                                          of Thorpe Abbotts
                                                Co. Suffolk eldest surviving son & 
                                                heir Bapt 06 Nov 1616. Stated to be
                                                at his 7 years 1624  Buried at 
                                                Hoxne 3 Sept 1658  Will dat 8 
                                                Aug 1657 proved 27 june 1659
                                                Trench    dau of Thomas Trench of Tilney Co. Norf.
                                                b.                   and Catherine Fincham
                                                Bur at Hoxne 3 Aug 1692 MI.
                                                | Thurston line
 Mary  named            Elizabeth 2nd dau       Ratheine          Ann a minor           Peter Thurston           Nathaniel   Edmond    Thomas    William
 Exectrix to her                                a minor in 1667   1667.                 of Hoxne afrsd                    (all named in will)
 husbands Will                                                    c.16sep1652?lds       1660 Buried at
 1690 Admin of                                                   married Hoxne 5dec1678 Hoxne 27 Oct 1700
 her effects started?                                             Lucie Blackman        Will dat 15 jul 1697
 15 june 1709 to                                                  of St Catherine       proved at Norwich
 Charles Wythe her son                                            cote man              6 nov 1700
 |                                                                Fenchurch street      |
 m.                                                               london                m1........................m2.
 |                                                               living 1697            |                         |
 Richard     is he related to Ann Wythe b.1601   Brockdish                              Elizabeth                 Elizabeth
 Wythe                      who married Thomas Caton 1622                               Wellen                    Burton 
 of Brockdish aforsd Will dat                                                           dau and heir of William   dau of John Burton 
 6 Mar 1690                                                                             Wellen of Thetral?        of Charamond on
 Proved in the cosistory Court                                                          gate Co. Norf             Pyterham Co. Norfolk
 Norwich 27 may 1691                                                                                              Buried 27 jul 1694 at
 |                                                                                                                Hesrit MI
 |                 Wythe line of Brockdish Norfolk
 Phillipa       Elizabeth         John           Nathaniel       Richard        Charles                          
 b~1677                           eldest son
 |  Will dat at Brockdish 22 dec 1761
 |  proved at the Archdeaconary Court at Norwich 21jan1769
 m.after 1690   abt1698?                           
 Caton of Thorpe Abbotts 
 br.08apr1717   will dated 03feb1706
 |              proved at the Archdeaconary Court, Norwich 31 Jan 1717*/18
 |                                                       (*Gegorian calender)
 | baptised at Thorpe Abbotts
 Thomas Caton                      John             
 c.03feb1707                       c.05dec1709
 d.12jun1782                       d.
 of Thorpe Abbotts (eldest son)    br19jan1711
 |                                 **************
 Thurston  2nd daughter of John Thurston of Thetford who's will dated 1783 
               leaves his estated to his 1st daughter who maried Mr. Virtue
              on condition the family took the name Mott

Norfolk Record Office
Title deeds and associated documents, including map of 1720
showing land held by Phillipa Caton in Thorpe Abbotts,
surveyed by Thomas Folkard, relating to conveyance of freehold and
copyhold land in Thorpe Abbotts, Brockdish, Dickleburgh and Rushall
containing 187a. and 8 cottages; from John Caton to Philippa Caton and
Thomas Caton, and then to James Dover; and copy of court roll of
the Manor of Thorpe Abbotts otherwise Cornwallis relating to transfer of land
in Thorpe Abbotts; from Philippa Caton and Thomas Caton to James Dover, and
then to his son James Dover

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