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A Geneological and Heraldic History of Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland
Enjoying Territorial possesions or High Official Rank
but uninvested with Heritable Honours
By John Burke, Esq. Volume IV, MDCCXXXVIII (1838)
Source: Gooogle Books
Page 308, Caton of Binbrook 

THURSTON-JOHN CATON, esq of Thorpe Abbots
b.15th and baptised 18th August 1745, at Brockdish, in Norfolk,
who m. Margaret Hawksmore, Eldest daughter and co-heiress of
Richard Bewley, esq of Binbrook and Kirton, co. Lincoln, by whom 
(who m. secondly, Lieut-Colonel Adams, 66th regiment, who died of 
wounds recieved at the battle of Talavera, leaving issue 2 daughters)
He had issue
    Richard-Bewley CATON,
    Thomas Mot CATON MD, married Eliza, daughter of Major B. Wood, of Oxfordshire.
    Charlotta  CATON, d. young 
    Harriet    CATON.
    Eliza      CATON , married to Benjamin Borrell, esq.
    of Brigsley Manor, Lincolnshire,  and had issue.

Mr. Caton died 13th June 1782, and was sucseeded by his eldest son , the present 
Rev. Richard-Bewley CATON , of Binbrook.
Will of Richard Bewley Caton 4 May 1863, devising to his eldest son 
Richard Redmond Caton property vested in him as trustee or mortgagee. 
Testator died 24 ...

On 3rd February 1762 Thruston John Caton was apprenticed to
Thomas Rede jnr.of Beecles Suffolk. ~~~ Attorney



Ipswich Journal,   4th April 1772
On Monday last was married at Bedingfield Mr. Caton, Attoney at Law,
to Miss Margaret hawksmore Bewley, eldest daughter of Bewley Esq. of Kirton in Lincolnshire.


The name of Bewley is said to have been originally spelt BEAULIEU,
and tradition derives it from the monastery of Beaulieu in the New Forest.

   Richard Bewley      
   d.17jan1750 will proved 1750
   m.26sep1674  St. Margaret's -In-The-Close, Lincoln, Lincoln,     
   Goodhand            dau of John Goodhand
   c.06mar1647        St Marys Binbrook
   b.1676 Lincolnshire
   m.28apr1746 All Saints Church Gainsborough
   Hawksmore               dau of F Hawsmore of Gainsbury
   |               christened Kirton, Lincs
   Margaret         Hannah          Frances          Richard         Mary 
   hawkworth        |               martha           |               |          
   c.09apr1750      c.23jul1752     c.16oct1754      c.24nov1756     c.24may1758
   d.               d,30mar1797?    d.              or 14jan1756     d.
   |                |
   m.30march1772   m.08jun1774
   |                |
   Thurston john    John    
   Caton            Tuffner   

From William Hawkesmore, esq, younger brother to Mrs Bewley, the family of Caton became possed of property in Yorkshire and Nottinhamshire, the later called Little Treswell, since alienated. The Hawkesmores were long seated at Treswell in Nottinghamshire and had ample possesions in that county.
By Marriage with the ancient families of Eastland of Lincolnshire, and Machell of Yorkshire, they inhertied estates in both counties. Eastland Hawkesmore esq, decended from the eldest branch, who d. at Gainsbrough 18th march 1732, without issue, willied his property to two nieces, one married Thomas Waterhouse esq, the other to James Dealtry esq,

Gentlemans Magazine January 1751 "Died, on 17th of January, Richard Bewley esq. one of the oldest fox hunters in England. One thing is very remarkable of him; returning home, some years since, from the briskest chases he had followed for that season, and enlarging in praise of his horse , said he preformed wonderfully for his age, which he said, with his mother's and his own age, made above 200 years."

Ordination Records
1st October 1807 St Nicholas Chapple , Bishop's Court
Richard Bewley Caton B.A. 

Morning Post  Thu 28 Jan 1864
London, England
Rev Richard bewley Caton
Death of a Nonagenarian Military Clergyman.-
Our obituary yesterday included the name of a clergyman of large fortune, 
who exchanged 

Richard Bewley, of Binbrooke and Kirton, Lincolnshire, 
that gentleman's daughter and co-heiress, Margaret Hawksmore, 
having married Mr. Thruston John Caton, whose heir was the subject 
of this notice. 

The late Rev. R. B. Caton succeeded to the estates in 1794, and, in 1802, 
married Eliza Keating, daughter of Mr. Redmond Power, of Whitefort, Waterford 

He is succeeded in his estates by his son, Mr. Richard Redmond Caton, F.S.A., 
born ia 1806, who ma ... ? 

Following her husbands death in 1782
Margaret remarried in 17sep1783 at St Marys Marlebone Rd London
the widower George herbert Adams who already had 2 daughters.
Chelmsford Chrocal;   Friday, 19th September, 1783, page 2
Yesterday was married at St. Marylebone parish, George herbert Adams, of the 75th Regiment, late govenor of the island to Mrs Caton, sister to Mrs Tufnell of Bloomfield. Soon as the ceremony was preformed the new married pair with thier friends set of for the country.

A2A archives
Agreement to purchase  RED 1/5/6/1  18 July 1777
Parties: Richard Bewley Esq. and the Reverend Robert Carter Thelwall
Property: Three closes on the south side of Kirton Lindsey called formerly Digby close
Consideration: 520
Signed by both parties

Disbursements, A further account book of Robert Carter  RED 3/1/4/6/2  1770-1787 
This is a day book for expenditure covering only part of the period covered by 
RED 3/1/4/6/1, namely from 1770
These cover expenditure as in that book, but more detail given
What follows is a somewhat arbitrary selection of entries to show some of the less 
usual items
p. 14 1771, February 9 Mr. Bewley for inoculating Charlotte 10 10s

The Sun;   27th January 1804
On the 1st Inst.; Mrs Margaret Hawksmore Adams, wife of
George Herbert Adams Esq.and widow of
the late Thurston John Caton Esq.

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