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Reel 1 Wiltshire Record Office, Diary of Mrs S Chauncey of Ayot St Peter, Herts,
Jan 11 1815:-- Mr Caton sent three of his children to Mr Bewley,
the Grandfather to Lincoln, Richard, Harriot and Thomas.
Jan 18 1815:-- The sale of Mr Catons at Welwyn he absent.

1841 census 
source                 HO107; Piece 679;  Folio: 38; Page: 28;
place                  Book: 4; St Marylebone;  District: 6;
Dwelling               Seymore place
                                          born this county
Richard  Caton  head   65  Clergyman        n
Eliza    Caton         60                   Ireland
Thurston Caton         30   Surgeon         n            
Esther   Caton         20                   n
Adine    Caton          2                   n
Maria Kinchant (dau)   30   FS?(visitor)    n              

1851 census 
source                 HO107; Piece: 1489; Folio: 539; Page: 42
place                  Marylebone , st Marys district 14 
Dwelling               Seymore place Marylebone schedule 81 

Rich.Bewley Caton  head   M 78 Clegyman Church of England         St Peters, Lincoln
Elizabeth   Caton  wife   M 77                                    Ireland
Harriet Honley    visitor W 50                                    Marylebone
Jane Mahon        serv    U 50                                    Dublin
Elizabeth Cooper  serv    m 41    Cook                            Dinton, Herefordshire

1851 census 
source                 HO107; Piece: 1656; Folio: 47; Page: 15;
place                  Warblington district 3a , Havant Hampshire
Dwelling               Densville House 

Mary Ann   Shawe head W  50   Landed proprietor annuitant            Havent, Hants 
Charles    Shawe son  U  18   Scholar at home                        East Indies
Thurston B Caton SIL  M  40   MD university of Paris
                              member of college of surgeons london   Ireland
Selena     Caton dau  M  23                                          East Indies
Constance  Caton gdau     1  
George Cousens   ser     16  footman
Charlotte Hatchard       22  house maid
Emma Philips             22  Cook
Lucy Sims                28  house maid

GRO Birth junqt1850 Havant 7 109
Constance margaret mary Caton

War office 25th aug 1854
to be Ensigns by purchase
Edmond Bewley Caton, Gent

The Examiner, 3rd April 1852
On the 27th ult., in London, aged 80,
Eliza Keating, wife of the Rev. R.B. Caton.

John Bull sat. 3rd Apr
Died, March 27th in London, aged 80 Eliza Keating
wife of the Rev. Richard Bewly Caton A.M. of
Binbrook-Walk house in the county of Lincolnshire

Gentlemans Magazine, January 1852, page 533
OBITUARY 27 March Eliza keating, 1772-1852
In London, aged 80, Eliza Keating, wife of the Rev Richard-bewley Caton, and of Binbrook-walk House Linc. and Carr House East Riding co. york
and yougest dau of the late Redmond POWER, of Whitefort co. Waterford, esq. (second son of Edmond POWER of Chancellors Town, esq,) by his first wife dau of Redmond Keating of Kilcowan co. Wexford, esq. commonly styled Baron Keating.

Of this family was Sir James de Ketynge, of Kilcowan, who had writ of summons as a Baron to Paliament & Edw. II Mrs Caton's uncle , the late Richard Power of Clashmore House, co. Wexford, esq. was, during many years ,a member for that county in the Irish Parliament. It was subsequently represented by his sons, Richard Shapland Power, of Clashmore House, esq. and Robert Power, esq. The only surviving child and hieress of the former was married in 1835 to the present Earl of Huntingdon.

Of the Marriage with Mr.Caton there is surviving issue two sons and a daughter. Mr. Caton was formally an officer in the 12th Light Dragoons, and served with that Regiment in Egypt during the Campain in 1801, for which he recieved the Gold Medal ,and also the Silver war Medal with Clasp for Egypt. He was subsequently Major in the 3rd Royal Lincoln Militia.

Richard bewly Caton remarried
MarQt1853 Bath 5c 1101
Harriet Henly a widow


1861 census
source                   RG9; Piece: 82; Folio: 51; Page: 48;
Place                    Marylebone St johns district 10 , London
Dwelling                 21 Blanford Sqr, schedule 231

Richard B Caton   head M  87 Clergyman Without Cure?
                             Landed proprietor                 St Peter of Arches Lincoln
Hariet Caton      wife M  68                                   Marylebone Middx
John Reddington   serv U  52  
Mary Brock        serv U  27  
Hariet McCausland serv U  21  

sheet 3

GRO Birth junqt1850 Havant 7 109
Constance margaret mary Caton

War office 25th aug 1854
to be Ensigns by purchase
Ewdmond Bewley Caton Gent

1871 census 
source                      RG10; Piece: 23; Folio: 75; Page: 34;
place                       Paddington district 16, Marylebone, London 
Dwelling                    8 Sussex Gardens, 

Thurston B Caton head M 63   Interest of Money            Isle of Man?   
Selena     Caton wife M 43                                East Indies 
Mary A     Shawe MIL  W 73   Pension and Land             Havant Hants 
Constance M Caton dau U 21                                Havant Hants 
Maria Kitchant sister? W 64                               Isle of Mann?

GRO MARRIAGE Decqt1876 Havant 8b 215 
Constance Margaret M Caton
William burrell Norris

1881 census 
source                    RG11; Piece: 1096; Folio: 88; Page: 19
place                     Hove district 8 Sussex 
Dwelling                  2 Wilbury Rd schedule 68 

Thurston B. Caton head  M 74  Annuitant                  Isle of Mann
Selena      Caton wife  M 53                             India
Richard R.  Caton broth W 78  Landowner                  Westmoreland
Mary ann    Shawe MIL   W 83  Annuitant                  Havant Hants
Theophile H. Evans vist W 61  Annuitant                  India
Alice   Amery         21  gen serv
Arthur  Barsted       17  footman
Emma    Scott         50  cook
Annie   Wilkinson     28  housemaid

sheet 4

London Gazetta 1805

Commisions in the Royal Third Lincoln Militia, signed by the Lord Lietenant.
Richard Bewley Caton, esq, to be Major dated May 22 1805

1st Jan 1918 suppliment
Awarded the Military Cross
Capt Richard Bewly Caton Norf. R.

4th Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment
the undermentioned to be second lieutenants
Richard Bewley Caton 18th aug 1914

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