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My thanks to Nigel Rideout who has extensivly researched the Rideout tree and
is the gtgson of George Rideout b.1804 brother of Ann Maria Rideout/Caton

Rideout tree on MyHeritage

The Rideout family have been landowners in Sussex for some years, ever since Richard Rideout, inherited property from his uncle and brother there in 1644
and left his family in Dorset to take up residence in Sussex.
Frances Rideout nee Dring nee Goring 

 daughter of Sir Harry Goring 6th baronet Of Highden Sussex
Frances Goring c.10may1877 St Anns, Westminter
JACKSONS JOURNAL, 10th July 1810
The Rev. John Rideout, rector of Woodmancote, Sussex, to
Mrs. Dring, widow of Rev. J. Dring, and youngest daughter of
Sir Henry Goring , Bart.

At his house in Chapel Street, Portland Place,
in his 60th year,
Sir Harry Goring, Bart. of Highden, Sussex.

Etat-Civil Archives d'Orléans, Death 3rd September 1804
Today 16 Sept in year two of the Legeon Tlig de Francaise, at 11am  before me Delalage Ligny  deputy Mayor at Orleans town hall in the department of Loiret appeared Jean Baptiste Gaudry hat manufacturer aged 35 and Simon Chevallier hat finisher aged 59 both residing in the third arrondissement. one at rue pont. de L? and the other in the street of the Chêne percée.No9.
Both friends of Rev.John Dring, Minister in the Protestant religion,native of Heathfield in England married to Frances Goring Rideout residing.     at  Orleans rue du L......no6 the same the aforesaid John Dring died at 10 am this morning .According to the declaration on the certificate.of todays certified by the police commissaire monsieur............   .........who certified the death done at the Town hall of Orleans this same day as the death.
(Orleans is considered as the 3rd arrondissement of France)
    Original document in French

Sussex weekly Advertiser, Monday, September 18th, 1809
Game Duty.
An Alphabetical List of Persons who have obtained General Certificates for killing of Game in the County of Sussex, for the present Year, which List is made up to the 9th inst.
:- Rev. John Rideout Woodmancote,( curate 1792 Rector of Woodmancote 1793-1838 )
Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. Matthew Winter, Sec.Sept 16, 1809.

  John                                       Sir Harry 
  Ridout                                     Goring  6th Baronet
  b.1727 Framfield                           b.1739       of Highden Sussex
  d.~1804  Lewis                             d.1824
  |                                          |
  m.10oct1858  Henfield                      m.08sep1767.......m2.23oct1777 Marriage
  |                                          |                 | 
  Frances                                    Joan Anne         Elizabeth
  Buckle                                     Forster           Fisher 
  b.1732                                     b.~1844 binfield
  d.1807                                     br.11jun1774 died 4th
  |                                          |
  ====================================       |================
  Rev. John      Richard     Charles         Frances ......m1.03jul1799.....John
  Rideout        |           gilbert         Goring            hove         Dring
  c.26jan1768    1759                        c.10may1774                    b.
  d.06apr1838 woodmancote                    d.08oct1868                    d.1804
  |                                          |
  m1.05jun1794 Henfield .................... m2.05jul1810....... 
  |                                          |  Holborn                      
  Anne                                       |          
  Wood                                       |                     
  c.22aug1766 Chestham Park                  |              
  d.08jul1808 Woodmancote                    |                
  |                                          |
  Frances       Henry wood    George           Ann             Goring         John
  |             b.11dec1797   b.26feb1804      maria           |              |
  c.03apr1795   c.17dec1797   c.18mar1804      c.17jan1814     c.04oct1815    c.14oct1817
  d.25apr1807   d.marqt1876   d.05jan1889      d.1854+         d.~feb1846     d.01may1818
  ***********   |             |                |               |              ***********
                m.28dec1817   m.marqt1865      m.23jun1831**   m.14jan1840
                |             kensington       |               |  Hove              
                Frances       |                Richard         Maria 
                letitia       Mary             redmond         caroline laura
                Waring        Silvester        Caton           Dickenson     
                b.1806        b.1829                           |
                d.10jan1896   d.1904                           m2.30dec1851? Brussles
                |             |   born Kensington              |
  |========================   |==============|==========       Joseph 
  Henry fortiscue 1823-1846   Edgar          Percy             phillip
  Alice margaret  1826-1902   henry          rodney            Knight 
  John wood       1827-1904   b.sepqt1866    b.marqt1868
  George meredyth 1830-       d.             d.1916
  Arthur kennedy  1835-1913   |              |
  Ellen amelia    1837-1898   m.21may1896    m.decqt1896
  Louisa georgina 1839-1913   |bayswater     | hampstead
  Francis goring  1839-1913   |              |
  Gilbert adolphus1842-1927   Catherine      Violet amelia
  Laura pamela    1844-1926   Drury          Hine
                              b.             b.
                              d.             d.
                              |              |
                              |============  |=============
                                             Henry dennis
                                             b.06feb1904  Kilburn
                                             d.26apr1994  Bromley kent
                                             m.25jul1938  Westminster
                                             Vera audrey doreen 
                                             d.marqt1998  Worthing, sussex

JACKSON'S JOURNAL, 25th June 1831
At Woodmancote,Sussex
R.Redmond Caton Esq., Grenadier Guards, to
Anna Maria, only daughter of the
Rev. John Rideout, Rector of Woodmancote,
and grandaughter of the late Sir Harry Goring, Bart.

Richard redmond Caton divorced Anna maria 1854, see info 3b
JACKSON'S JOURNAL, 2nd January 1852
On 30th ult., at Brussels, The Rev. Joseph phillip Knight,
late curate at the Scilly Isles, and adapter of music
to several popular ballards, to
Caroline laura, widow of the late Goring Rideout Esq.
formerly of the 86th regiment.

East Sussex Record Office
   Farrer & Co, Solicitors: Clients' Papers
Marriage settlement  ACC7755/103  1840
Of Goring Rideout, Brunswick Square, Brighton, 
Lieutenant in 86th Regiment of Foot, and 
Maria Caroline Laura Dickenson, Brighton, 13 Jan 1840

East Sussex Record Office
Archive of Fitzhugh Gates of Brighton, solicitors
Executors' papers for estate of Goring Rideout of Brunswick Square, Brighton  
SAS-ACC5054/34  1844-1869

George Rideout tree

1841 census
source             HO107 piece 1112 /14 Folio 9 Page 9
Place              Hove, District 8  Sussex
Dwelling           Brunswick Square 

Goring Rideout     25  ind                 Y
Laura  Rideout     23
his wife to be

1841 census
source                Ho107 Piece 1122 book 8 folio 28 page 4
place                Brighthelmstone, Sussex (old name for Brighton)
dwelling              Castle Street  
                                      born this county
John   Silvesta  head   47  Bricklayer
Ssrah  Silvesta         46
Sarah  Silvesta         16
Mary   Silvesta         14
Emily  Silvesta          9  
John   Silvesta          6

Henry wood Rideout owns farm in Chestham,
Duplicate Notice SAS-EG/194 18 Mar 1865
By Messrs Hill & Fitzhugh as solicitors for Henry Wood Rideout, esq.,
to George Herrington to quit Nymans Farm at Christmas then next

Similar Notice SAS-EG/195 18 Mar 1865
To Thomas Bowler of Henfield to quit the cottage and garden held of the
said Mr. Rideout in Henfield

1851 census
source           Ho107  piece 1646   folio 288   page 42 
place               Brighton
dwelling          schedule 114, 16 Preston Street 

Ann    Beanell  head    s 40   Lodginghouse keeper    Brighton
George Rideout  lodger  s 38   Fundholder             Woodmancote
Mary Silvester  Serv    s 23   housemaid              Patcham

1871 census
source             RG10; Piece: 36; Folio: 29; Page: 49; 
place              Kensington town
dwelling           schedule 191, 25 Cheptow Place

George    Ridout*   head  60    Dividends             Sussex
Mary      Ridout    wife  42                          Sussex
Edgar H   Ridout    son    4                          Paddington
Percy R   Ridout    son    3                          paddington
George Silvester  boarder 19  Surveyors Articled pupil  Sussex                   
Jane      Cox    Servant  47  cook
Emma      Hill   Servant  18  nurse
*recorded as Ridout not RidEout

1881 census 
source              RG11, piece 29, folio  page 38
place               Kensington, Chelsea (st John And St James)
dwelling            shedule 402, 25  Chepstow Place

George Rideout  head  64                        Sussex
Mary   Rideout  wife  51                        Sussex
E. H.  Rideout  son   14                        Paddington
P.R.   Rideout  son   13                        Paddington
M.     Clark    serv  44  Cook                  Paddington
E      Inghill  serv  23  housemaid             Norfolk
George died 1889

1891 census
source                    RG12; Piece: 21; Folio: 91; Page: 67
place                     Kensington town
dwelling                  schedule 349, 25 Cheptow Rd. 

Mary      Rideout head 63  W living on own means            Brighton Sussex
Edgar  H  Rideout son  24  Solicitor                        Paddington
Percy  R  Rideout son  23  Artist in Music                  Kensington
Emily     Lowrey  ser  45  Domestic
Annie     Watt    ser  23  housemaid

1901 census
source                   RG13; Piece: 1223; Folio: 157; Page: 27
place                    (Kilburn) Willesdon
dwelling                 schedule 194, 9 Callcott court, Callcott Rd 

Edgar  H   Rideout  head   35   Solicitor                           Paddington
Mary       Rideout  mother 75                                       Brighton sussex
Matilda  Goodchild  serv   21   gen serv domestic                   Woodbridge suffolk

1901 census 
source                  RG13; Piece: 1223; Folio: 157; Page: 27
place                   Willesden, 
dwelling                schedule 196, 11 Callcott Court, Callcott Rd

Percy R Rideout  head 33  Doctor of Music                       west Kensington
Matilda Carter  ser   18   gen servant                          Freemantle Hants

1911 census
source              District 189 /1 ed 19
place               Willesden, Brondsbury N.W.
dwelling            schedule 215, 69 Chatsworth Road, 

Percy rodney  Rideout head 43  M  Proffessor of Music,Composition,Organ,Piano.  Kensington
Violet amelia Rideout wife 40  M  40 Yrs 2 children living                      Southampton
Henry dennis  Rideout son   7                                                   Kensington 
Edgar howard  Rideout brother 44 M      Solicitor
Dora Perta Bucher   governess 20 
Annie Maria Foster   serv     37


Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Probate, Rev. John Rideout, 1838
of me John Rideout clerk Rector of Woodville in the county of Sussex.
I GIVE and bequeath unto my wife Frances Rideout the executors and assigns, All my Personal Estate and Estate and Effects whatesoever and wheresoever subject to the payment of my debts the executors of my funeral and any Legacies which I May give by any codicil or Codicils to this my WILL and
I Appoint the said Frances Rideout sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testiment hereby revoking all wills and Testimentry dispositions by cut? at any time heretofore made

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifteen.

J. Rideout
Signed Sealed Published and declared by the above named John Rideout as and for his last Will and Testiment.
in the presence of William Groom, Lincolns Inn Fields William cox his Clerk

PROVED at London 28th April 1838 before the Judge by the Estate of Frances Rideout Widow the relict the sole executrix to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn by commisioners duly to administer.

PROBATE,   1889
RIDEOUT, GEORGE, 22nd January
The WILL of George Rideout formerly of Woodmancote in the County of Sussex afterwards of 39 Duke Street St.James in the County of Middlesex but late of 25 Chepstow Place Bayswater in the County of Middlesex Gentleman, who died at 25 Chepstow Place was proved at the Principle Registry by Mary Rideout of 25 Chepstow Place, Widow of the Relict, the sole Executrix.
Personal Estate; £12,486 16s 4d.

Rideout Origins
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