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    In August 1843 Richard Redmond Caton moved his family to Paris to better faciliate the education of their daughters, where they took a suite of apartments in the boarding house of Madame Durand St. Rose, at 8 Rue de Louis le Grand, this was probably arranged by Richard's Brother Thurston Bewley Caton who was married to the daughter of Madam St. Rose.

However on 20th October 1843 Mr Caton was obliged to return to England and did not return untill 19th November, during which time an affair started between Mrs Caton and Madam St. Rose's son Major Edmond St. Rose who resided along with his wife in another apartment in house of his mother. It is not clear if Adultery had taken place at this time however on 3rd of December matters came to a head with Mrs Caton openly flirting with Major St. Rose, following a heated row Mr Caton left the house for a Hotel,
On 4th December, accompanied by his professional advisor, Mr. Okley, from the British Consulate, , Mr Caton returned to the house and required Mrs. Caton to go back with her husband and children to England. After some hesitation she consented to produce the children, and they were taken by Mr. Caton; but Mrs. Caton positively refused to quit the house and accompany her husband to his hotel, or go back to England.

In January, 1844, Mr Caton agreed to the return of their youngest child, aged 2, with a nurse; He had doubts as to his parenthood as it had been born just 9 months after Mrs Caton's affair in Brighton. In fact Mrs. Caton had later confessed to Madam Mary Ann St. Rose, wife of Maj. Edmond St. Rose, that she loved B. H. more than her husband and that, in the absence of the latter from home, she used to let B. H. into the house at Brighton at night, by leaving the door open.

Mrs Caton continued to reside at Madame St Rose untill March 1845. Shortly before this Maj. St. Rose's wife suspecting infidelity had caught her husband coming out of Mrs Caton Bedroom, he confessed his guilt and promised never again,
HOWEVER it was Maj. St. Rose who paid to set up Mrs Caton in a new appartment at Rue d'Algiers in March 1845, then shortly after they re-moved to 17 Bd des Capucines, Paris, where she was joined by her mother, and The Major became a constant visiter to their home, taking his meals with her, remaining with her sometimes till twelve or one o'clock at night, and in many respects acting as master of the house.
On the 15th October 1845, Mrs Caton gave birth to a boy at 17 Boulevard des Capucines.

At the time of her divorce in june 1854 she resided at No. 15, Rue Godoy de Manroi,

Naissances de Paris et Ancienne Seine
Albert Edouard Caton born 15th October 1845
Mother: Anna Maria Rideout
Father: Richard Redmond Caton
But from divorce details it is clear that Major St. Rose was the father of Albert Edouard

Albert although not the son of Caton, retained the surname. Given he was aged 9 by the time his parents divorced and Major St. Rose was still married (was he Catholic? so no divorce possible) and his father had eroniously been registered as Caton it was to complicated too change his name.

sheet 2


Préfecture du Département de la Seine, Ville de Paris.
Extrait du Registre des Actes de Naissance du premier Arrondissement, 23d June 1854.

On the 16th Oct 1845 at 11 o'clock in the morning, birth certificate of Albert Edouard presented and recognized as being of masculin sex, born 17 Bd des Capucines Paris yesteday at 10 o'clock in the evening, son of Richard Redmond Caton, aged 40, annuitant, and his wife Anna Maria Caton age 32, annuitant.
Married at Woodmancote in the County of Sussex. Both residing at the aforesaid address.

Declaration made before us Town Hall Registrars in the first arrondissement of Paris.
by Jean Jacquart, doctor in medecine age 52, residing at No.314 Rue St. Honoré,
assisted by
Louis comte d'Horbourg, officier en disponibilité, age 36 residing at 23 rue Neuve St. Roch,

Leopold Harrold attache at the Ministry of commerce, aged 23 residing at No.8 Rue Royale St. Honoré, Lesquels, declared him in absence of the father now residing in England

Pour copié conforme. Paris, the 21st October, 1845.
Town Hall

Albert Edouard Caton joined the Legion Etranger 16th November 1866 As a non French subject he joined the Legion de Etrangers (Foriegn Legion) at which time was stationed in Algiers. Note; French citizenship may be applied for after three years service. The Legion is the only part of the French military that does not swear allegiance to France, but to the Foreign Legion itself.
Any soldier who gets wounded during a battle for France can immediately apply to be a French citizen.

The book Annuaire militaire de l'Empire Francais published 1867
list under Regiment Etranger; Sub Lieutenants;
Caton Albert Édouard, 16th November 1866.

sheet 3

Suename;                           CATON 

First names; Albert Edouard; Born; 15th October 1845, Paris, Canton; 8 Department; de la Siene Father; Richmond Mother; Anna Maria Rideout Hair and Eybrows; Blond, Eyes; Green, Forhead; High, Nose; Medium, Mouth medium, Chin; Round, Face; Oval, Height; 1m 67cm (5ft 6in) Unusual marks; ~~~ Arrive in the Regiment; 9 November 1896 Rank; commander Lieutenant Colonel
Regiment of Strangers
Regiment of Strangers
Regiment of Strangers
10th   Infantry Legion of line
183rd  Infantry Legion 
183rd  Infantry Legion
183rd  Infantry Legion  
116th  Infantry Legion
 53rd  Infantry Legion  
 15th  Infantry Legion
2nd Lieutenant
Captain de 1st class
Captain acting Major
Chef de B Bataillon(colonel)
Chef de B Bataillon
Lieutenant Colonel(major)
16th November    1866, (A)
12th September   1870
29th December    1870
24th October      1871, (B)
 1st May           1872
28th June        1875 
28th October     1881
13th January     1887
10th November    1887
 9th October     1896


(A)   As foreigner, has been officially been recorded on the 16th October 1866, in the town hall of the eighth arrondissement of Paris, the following in compliance with article 19 of the 'Code Napoleon', he has graduated from the Ecole Special Militaire as a foreign student with the number 172 out of 239 pupils. That he has joined the military contingent of the Département of the Seine, That he has voluntarily joined the foreign regiment.

(B)  Recruitment certificate of the département de la Seine dated June 21st 1871 with French title.

Note: Albert Edouard was educated at Saint-Cyr-l'École , a prestigious Militery cadet School,
today the cadets start aged 21 for a 3 year course, but in 1866 they may well have started younger ie 18-21. On his graduation He was one of just 2 cadets of the class of 1866 who joined The Legion Etrange.

sheet 4

1870-1871 Siege of Paris
Legion Estangagers According to French law the Legion was not to be used within Metropolitan France, and thus, it was not a part of Napoleon III's Imperial Army that capitulated at Sedan. With the defeat of the Imperial Army, the Second French Empire fell and the Third Republic was created.

The problem was that the new Third Republic was desperately short of trained soldiers, so the Legion was ordered to provide a contingent. On October 11, two provisional battalions disembarked at Toulon, the first time the Legion had been deployed in France itself. They attempted to lift the Siege of Paris by breaking through the German lines. They succeeded in re-taking Orléans, but failed to break the siege.

Following the war the Legion assisted in suppressing the Paris Commune uprising.

Note; L'acte de naillance Mr Caton's birth certificate was produced at the Grand Chancellery, at the time of the appointment of Mr Caton to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honour on December 20, 1886
Afrique;   du 26 Fituir  1867
           au   11 October 1870
Contra     du  5 October 1870
L.allmage  au  7 Mars    1871

Afrique;   du 14 juin     1871
             au 10 Mars     1872
Algerie;   du 26 Auit     1881
           au 21 Decembre 1882
Bataille de coulmiers  9th November    1870
Bataille d'artheney      1st December  1870
Combarde Cereottes    3rd December  1870
Bataille d'Oléans      4th   December  1870
Armie de L'Étrange
Dung;                  15th    Janvier   1872
Moubeliard;         18-19  Janvier   1871
Burny;                 26th   Janvier    1871
Chevalier de la legion d'Honneur le 20 December 1886. a recu la medaille Colonial "Algerie" Dromer au grade d'officier de la Legion d.honneur par decret du 10 jullie 1899 pour prendre rang du méme jour. Etat en acterite de service a ette data au Corps en qualite de Lieutenant Colonel.
Nous, Soussigne, tresorier du 15th Regiment d'Infer, Certifions l'exactitude du present etat de service etabli par nos soins, d'apres les disapositions de l'article 59 du decret du 14 janvier 1889, portant reglement surl'administration des troupe.
Caton seal 14 jeuller 1899

Note: The Legion Estragers arrived in Algiers in March 1866,
Having just lost 1500 men in a campain in Mexico, there was probably a strong recruiting campain and it apppears Albert Edouard enlisted November 1866.

sheet 5

Durand Saint Rose

 Durand Sainte Rose  Colonel d'Etat-Major, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur 
 b.12mar1763         son of Jean Louis DURAND Conseiller du Roi. 
 d.11may1837         Contrôleur général des rentes de l'Hôtel de ville de Paris
 Therese Rosalie 
 d.after 1860
 Louise          Charlotte        Hermance        Marie          Louis     
 victorine       amable           |               louise         |
 |               Louise          (Hortence)       esther         Edmond    
 b.~1802         b.~1807          b.              b.             b/~1810
 d.1875 uk       d.22nov1860      d.              d.13may1846    d.
 |               |                |               |              |
 m.16sep1820     m.1830           m.              m.18jul1835    m.03may1828 ....p.1844
 |               |                |               |  Paris       | England       |
 Samuel          Charles          Raphael         Thurston       Mary            anna 
 maxwell         camille          |               bewley         ann            Maria
 HIND            Grand-Dufay      De Ayala        Caton          Harrison     Caton nee Rideout
 b.              b.1791           b.1797          b.04sep1807    b.           b.1814
 d.              d.1865           d.after1860     d.16mar1891    d.           d.1869?
                 Raphael edmond 1831
                  Ferdinand louis 1840

Madame Durand de Sainte Rose was the widow of
Louis Dunrand Sainte Rose, councillor to the King.
Her husband had been rich and powerful.
The building has 5 stories and the street was built about 1703.

Mme Durand Sainte Rose is listed in the journal of commerce,
1st Jan 1842, under the heading Pensions Bourgeoises:
Address; 8 Rue de Louis le Grande and the establishment described as
;Garni (furnished rooms) and Chambre d'hôtes (boarding house)

Their son Major Louis Edmond Durand Sainte Rose was born circa 1810 and married Madam Mary Ann St. Rose, nee ?
Rue de Louis le Grande
Rue de Louis le Grande, 2nd arrond. Paris.

sheet 6

1828, Marriage no.450, Solemnized in the parish of
St. Paul, Covent Garden in the county of Middlesex
Edmond Durand de St Rose   of this Parish
and Mary Ann Harrison   of this Parish, Spinster
Were married in this Church by Licence with Consent of
This Third Day of May in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty eight
By me Rev. Wm Johnson Vickrey Curate
This marriage was solemnized between us

In the presence of  Eliza Argent Wilson,  John P. Beavan

Alien Arrivals Folkstone, at the port of Dover 1844
Date of
Name and
Country last
arrived from
Mr. Edmond
De St. Rose
Bouloyne French Passport

Alien Arrivals Folkstone, at the port of Dover 1852
Date of
Name and
Country last
arrived from
4th Dec
Ed. De St. Rose
France French Passport

Albert Edouard Caton ( St Rose)was born 1845 17 Boulevard des Capucines
possibly married Marie Solange Cloutier
daughter of Joseph Alexandre Cloutier and Marie Archange Perreault.

In March 1854 when a the divorce papers were served
Mrs Rideout was residing at Rue de Lorrequer with
her mother and Major St. Rose.

sheet 7


Anna Maria Rideout. f (femme) Caton)
at 180 Rue de Faubourg St Honoré.
died 26 feb 1858 aged 42* ( born~jun1813)

7th Bureau of Documents, 1st District, Paris

first names;

Status; Occupation
Date of Death;
Detailes des biens immeubles;
detailes of real estate

Héritiers, térmoins ;
next of Kin?

Anna Maria

Annuitant, wife of Caton Redmond
(Rue du) Faulbourg Saint Honoré No. 180
42 years
Will and testiment registered 27/04/1858 with Percil (Nicolas Jules Persil a lawer of 26 Rue de la Paris 1st arrondissement ) Will proved 29/07/1859, ( mobilier 1840

Son Fils

Death No.1360, 1860, Durand St Rose, Fe Dufay
Death Registration at the 9th Arondissement;
On Thursday 22nd November, Eighteen hundred and Sixty, 10am in the morning the death of
Louise Durand St Rose, aged fifty three years, born Paris.
Who died yesterday morning at 9am. at the family home, No.68 rue St Lazare,

The Daughter of Louis Durand de St Rose (deceased) and Marie Therese Rosalie Cadie, widow, residing at No.68 rue St. Lazare, Paris, and the deceased wife of Charles Camille Dufay annuitant,
The said act in the presence and on the declaration of
Mr and Mrs Edmond Durand de Sainte Rose, Officer in the Legion D'Honour aged fifty years, annuitant, residing at No.180 rue Faubourg St Honor, Paris, brother of the deceased,
and Raphel de Ayala, annuitant, aged sixty years, residing at No.84 the same street, a brother-in-law of the deceased.

Witnessed who signed with us in the presence of Charles Aucelle Deputy Mayor of the ninth Arondissement of Paris, as to the facts of the death.
E. Durand du st Rose,     R. du Ayala,
      C. Aucelle,

French original document
sheet 8

1868, Probate no.1416, Goring
Approx translation!
The Forth of October One Thousand Eight hundred and Sixty Eight, at Two O'clock pm this day of October the death of Frances Goring, no occupation aged ninty four years old, widowed in her first marriage to John Drinng and second married to John Rideout, daughter of Harry Goring, and the named testator, born in Brighton, England, who died in Paris at her home, Coubraut Haussmam No.153 at five o'clock in the evening.
Recorded by the deputy Mayor of the eighth Arondissemente of Paris, before an officer of the registry office, apon the declaration of Albert Edouard Caton sub leiutenant in the Forign Regiment, aged twenty two years, resident as aforsaid, grandson of the deceased.
J Bansi dual Eugene Ramard Domicil Advocat, aged fourty one yers, Demeurant rue 91st Le Petis-Champs no.48, lesgiolsom signé avec nous aprey Pecture Faite.

A Caton     S.Bernard Domiel

Death Frances Goring
1901 census
place                 Lyon, Rhone , France  page 795
dwelling              shedule 314, 40 Cours Gambetta

Albert Caton   head  aged  53  
Marie Rouset   wife  aged 48

La Petite Gironde,   16th September 1929.
Mrs M Caton, doctor Souesmes, Mr and Madame S Souesmes, doctor Desbouis and wife and their children; Lieutenant Colonel Remy and wife, Miss M. Coste.
His devoted housekeeper M.P. Courtiade and her daughter; beg their friends and acquaintances to do them the honour of being present at the funeral of
Retired Lieutenant Colonel, officer of the legion of D'Honour. their father*, uncle, great uncle cousin and friend. which will take place Tuesday 17th September at St Bruno's Church.
We will meet at the Parish waiting room at 8;30am from where the procession will leave at 9;00am
Funeral directors Gen; No.3 Place Pey Berland, Bordeaux

Note* The newspaper has leur Pére however this should probably have been leur Frére ie Brother!

La Petite Gironde,   20th September 1933.
Mes M. Coste, Souessme, Desbouis, Rémy and Roberts, pray their Friends to attend the funeral of
Miss Marie CATON
Their friend and relative, which will take place on Thursday 21st September, at 8:45am at Saint Bruno Church.
We will meet at the Parish waiting room at 8:15am
P. F. G; No.3 Place Pey Berland, Bordeaux

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