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Born 31 Oct 1858 at Pitcains House Co. Perth
baptised at the Episcapal Church Glasgow

Redmond Bewley Caton, priest in holy orders; 
educated at Harrow; then 1871 Exeter College, Oxford, M.A., 

1881 census 
source                RG11; Piece: 2252; Folio: 22; Page: 7
place                 Newton Tracy district 11 ,  Devon
Dwelling              Newton House shed 3 

Thomas H E H D Hogg  head M  46  Major  late  1st Devon Militia        Northam, Devon 
Elizabeth      Hogg  wife M  45  Lady                                  Exeter
Thomas P.D.    Hogg  son  U  22  Undergraduate Oxford university       Newton Tracy Devon 
Redmond B. Caton visitor  u  22  B.A. Oxford University               Scotland

Dundee Courier 2nd April 1883
Engagment, Rev. Bewley Caton B.A. of Powyke, Worcestershire,

15th October 1883 , Marriages
On the 10th inst. at St.James' Episcapal Church, Dingwall,
by the Rev. Leslie Mercer, B.A., curate of Halesowes, Worcestershire,
assisted by the Rev. W J. Bussell, M.A., Incumbent.
The Rev. R. BEWLEY CATON, M.A., Curate of Powyke, Worcestershire,
only son of the late Redmond R. Bewley Caton, the Royal Regiment,
and grandson of R. R. Caton Esq., of Binbrook, Lincolnshire,
second daughter of late ALEXR J. C. WARRAND, of Ryefield, Ross-shire, N.B.

Manchester Courier 22nd oct 1883
Caton — Warrand.—On 10th inst., at Dingwall
 the Rev. R. Bewley Caton, curate of Fowyk! Worcestershire, 
to Louisa Laura Forbes, second daughter
 to Louisa Laura Forbes, second daughter of 
Alexander J. C. Warrand, of Eyefield Ross-shire,

Worcestershire Chronical 6 septmber 1884
Caton.—September 2, at Elmbank, Powyke, Worcester
the wife of the Rev. R. Bewley Caton, of a daughter

I     Margaret Hawkesmore.
      Richard Bewley,  

II.  Mary Helena de Jersey, married first, 2nd  December 1863
     Captain Luke Edward O'Connor of H.M. 76th Regiment, son of 
     General Luke Smythe O'Connor, Commander of the Forces in Jamaica; 
     secondly, Samuel Spofforth, Esq., of the Yorkshire family of that name.

Mr Turner died in 1882, his wife Mary Graeme dying on 9th Sept. 1896, 
  when Mrs Caton and Mrs Spofforth inherited as co-heiresses the estates of 
   Kippen and Glentyre; these were sold in 1896 to John Wilson, Esq., M.P., 
   of Aidrie House.

1891 census
source                   RG12; Piece: 1577; Folio 104; Page 17;
place                    Fakenham  district 7 , Suffolk
Dwelling                 Euston Rd, Rectory, shed 106 

Redmond  B  Caton  head M 32  Rector of Fakenham               Scotland
Louisa L F  Caton  wife M 28                                   Scotland
Margaret H  Caton  dau     6                                   Powyke, Worcestershire
Richard  B  Caton  son     5                                   Powyke, Worcestershire
Dorothy  M  Caton  dau     3                                   Fakenham, Suffolk 

Estelle S R Duperron 22  French maid
Eliza     Grainger   21  Palour maid
Elizabeth Roberts    53  Ladies maid
Ruth Scott           16  House maid
Emma Watkinson       22  Cook

1901 census 
Source:                RG13; Piece: 1902; Folio: 81; Page: 4.
place                  Fakenham Magna district 15, Suffolk  
Dwelling                The Vicarage, schedule 25 

Redmond B Caton  head  M  42  Clergyman Church of england           Scotland
Louisa  L Caton  wife  M  38                                        Scotland 
Dorothy M Caton  dau   U  13                                        Fakenham, Suffolk
Jane A    Caton mother W  68   Living on own means                  Scotland 
Myra K G  Warrand SIL  U  27   Living on own means                  Scotland
Marie L Stockmeyer ser U  23   Governess                            Switzerland
Kate  E  Laws      ser U  26   Ladies maid domestic                 Haverland Norfolk
Edith C Wilson     ser U  26   Parlour maid                         Thetford Norfolk
Mary    Hill       ser U  36   Cook                                 Sundenhall Norfolk
Lavinia Hammond    ser U  15   Housemaid                            Bury st. Edmunds     

1901 census
Source                RG13, piece 1224    page 6
Place                 Willesden, Middlesex schedule 10
Dwelling              The Manor house, School, Willesden Green

Daisy Caton pupil 16                             Powick Worcestershire

1901 census
Source                RG13 piece 1207 
Place                 Harrow School, Harrow
Dwelling              Druries House, schedule 140

Richard B Caton  pupil  15                                Powyke Worcestercshire

1911 census
Source               RG14PN11730 RG78PN649 RD239 SD2 ED3 SN22 
place                Fakenham Magna suffolk,  Thetford distict 3,  Swaffam  Norfolk
Dwelling             Gt? Fakenham Rectory

Redmond bewley       Caton  head   52 m 21 y Clerk in Holy Orders     Dunning Perthshire
Louisa laura forbes  Caton  wife   48                                 
Dorothy mary         Caton  dau    23
Jane Ann Aytowe      Caton  mother 78
4 servants

Capt. Richard Bewley Caton, M.C., 
born marqt1886, Upton 6c 343,  
died 1955 + , son of 
Rev. Redmond Bewley Caton, Rector of Great Fakenham, Suffolk. born scotland ~1845
Married junqt1911, Bury St Edmonds 4a, 1753
Helena Edith Champion Branfill, of Stowmarket, Suffolk, * 1885, +, 

Margaret hawksmore Caton born sepqt1884, Upton 6c 319 married junqt1904 Thetford 4b 711 Arthur william Darwin

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