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1881 census 
Source                   RG11; Piece: 1870; Folio: 11; Page: 15
place                    Ipswich Suffolk
Dwelling                 The Rosary 

Clement H Heigham  head   51     Chief Constable             Hunston Suffolk
Grace  C  Heigham  wife   45                                 Canada
Maria  C  Heigham  dau    21                                 Canada
Clement john malcolm   22    see below
Grace  F  Heigham  dau    19                                 Ireland
William T Heigham  son    17                                 Nova Scotia, Canada
Constance Heigham  dau    12                                 Canada  
Malcolm F Heigham  son     9   Scholar                       Ipswich Suffolk 
Alan    F Heigham  son     7   Scholar                       Ipswich Suffolk
Mabel   F Heigham  dau     4   Scholar                       Ipswich Suffolk

Laura South        serv   22  Cook                           Gt Willsaham Cambridgeshire
Catherine Aldos    serv   22  Palour Maid                    Sproughton Suffolk
Alice South        serv   15  Nurse                          Gt Willsaham Cambridgeshire
Emma Musket        serv   13  Kitchen Maid                   Yorkshire

1881 census 
source                  RG11; Piece: 2108; Folio: 4; Page: 2
Place                   Weymouth, Portland 
Dwelling                The Verne Citadel, Isle of Portland 

Clement john Malcolm Heigham  age 22 Leiutenant in Army      Montreal Canada

The London Gazette,   17th January 1890
4th Battalion Prince of Wale's Own
Captain clement john Heigham, yorkshire Regiment to be Adjutant.

1891 census 
source               RG12  Piece 1454  folio  page 14
place                Stow, Walsham le Willows,  suffolk
dwelling            Schedule 7, The Street, Hunston 

William Heigham  head    27  Farmer                            Canada
George  Heigham  brother 23  farmers Brother                   Canada
Malcolm Heigham  brother 19  farmers brother                   Ipswich sufolk
Hannah Buckle serv       26  House keeper                      Hunston
Hannah Palfry   serv     13  house maid                        Ampton

1891 census 
source                  RG12 piece 1467   folio   page 24
place                   West Gate  Ipswich
Dwelling                schedule 221, Branford ,The Rosary 

Clement H J Heigham  head  m  61         ounstable of suffolk         Quebec Canada
Grace   c   Heigham  wife  m  55                                      Huston suffolk
Charles     Heigham  son   s  25                                     Halifax Nova Scotia
John H.     Heigham  son   s  20                                        Ipswich
Mabel   F   Heigham  dau   s  14                                        Ipswich

1891 census 
source                  RG12 piece 1466   folio 135  page 23
place                   West Gate Ipswich 
dwelling                schedule 155, Mount Pleasant, Anglesea Road 

Grace F   Charters  head  w 29 living  on own means                     Kildare Ireland
Mary      Charters   dau     6                                  Ringby Warlow Warwick
John      Charters   son     4                                          Ipswich suffolk
Constance Heigham  sister   22                                          Quebec canada

1901 census 
Source                 RG13, Piece 1043,  folio  , page

Clement john malcom Heigham    32                canada
Mary ruth           Heigham    32                ireland

clement henry J Heigham died aged 69 decqt1898 Stow suffolk Grace charlotte Heigham aged 72 sepqt1908 Stow Suffolk

1911 census 
Source                    RG14; Piece: 10670; Schedule Number: 92; 
Place                     Stow suffolk
dwelling                  The Cottage, Hunston Bury St Edmonds 

Clement Haigham   head  52  m  Major (army) retired pay   Land owner  Montreall Canada
Mary    Heigham   wife  52  m  21 years 2 children 1 living        Kilarny kerry Ireland
Clement Heigham   son   20  s    private means                       york yorks 
Malcolm Heigham brother 39  s    visitor                           Ipswich suffolk

The London Gazette, 21 september 1914
The Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion,
17th september 1914,
Lieutenant Malcolm F Heigham to be temporary Captain

Malcolm Heigham
married 30th September 1914 Suffolk
Dorothy mary Caton.

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