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Thurston Bewley. Caton
Died: 16 Mar 1891
More Information: Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 25) at MAGDALENE, Dec. 15, 1834. 2nd son of Richard Bewley (above), clerk, of London. Of Denvilles, Hants. Married (1) Marie Louise Esther, dau. of Col. Durand de St Rose, Officier de la Légion d'Honneur and Chef de l'État, Paris, July 18, 1835; (2) Selena Elizabeth, dau. of Major Richard Shawe, 1st Madras Cavalry, Feb. 15, 1849, and of Denvilles, Hants. Died Mar. 16, 1891. (Burke, L.G., 1925; Carthew, Launditch, III. 468.)

1st August 1835,   Marriages
At the Ambassador's Chapel, Paris,
Thurston B Caton, Esq., youngest son of
Rev. R. D. Caton, York-Street, Portman-Square to
Marie-Louise Esther, daughter of Col. de St. Rose, late Chef de l'Etat
Major a Paris, Officier de le Legion Honneur, et Chevalier de St. Louis.


1841 census
Source:                 HO107; Piece 679; Book: 4; Folio: 38; Page: 28;
place                   St. Marylebone; District 6, St Marys, London
dwelling                Seymore Place 

Richard  Caton 65 clergyman             N
Eliza    Caton 60                       Ireland

Thurston Caton 30  Surgeon              N 
Esther   Caton 20                       N 
Adine    Caton 2                        N

Maria Kinchant 30  FS                   N

Maria Kinchant (Caton) she is married dau visiting, not servant
Thurstons wife Esther St Rose died 13 May 1846 Paris?

17th February 1849,   Marriages
CATON-SHAWE: On the 15th instant, at Warblington, Hants
by the Rev. William Norris, rector.
Thurston B. Caton Esq. son of the Rev. Richard B. Caton
of Binbrook walk house, in the county of Lincoln,
to Selena elizabeth, Only daughter of the late
Major Richard Shawe, 1st Madras Cavalry.

IGI C000672
Selena elizabeth Shawe
c.19mar1828 Bangalor, Tamil Nadu, India
father Richard Shawe
Mother Mary Anne

Thurston remarried 15feb1849, Selena elizabeth Shaw
the 1851 finds him living with his widowed mother inlaw
where is his daughter Adine, aged ~12, has she been left in Paris with Madame St Rose mother of his first wife to finish her education?

1851 census 
source                 HO107; Piece: 1656; Folio: 47; Page: 15;
place                  Warblington district 3a , Havant Hampshire
Dwelling               Densville House 

Mary Ann   Shawe head W  50   Landed proprietor annuitant            Havent Hants 
Charles    Shawe son  U  18   Scholar at home                        East Indies
Thurston B Caton SIL  M  40   MD university of Paris
                              member of college of surgeons london   Ireland
Selena     Caton dau  M  23                                          East Indies
Constance  Caton gdau     1  
George Cousens   ser     16  footman
Charlotte Hatchard       22  house maid
Emma Philips             22  Cook
Lucy Sims                28  house maid

GRO Birth junqt1850 Havant 7 109
Constance margaret mary Caton

passport application no 7001
3rd September 1853
Thurston Caton Remarks; with Mrs Mary A Shawe

War office 25th aug 1854
to be Ensigns by purchase
Edmond Bewley Caton Gent

1871 census 
source                      RG10; Piece: 23; Folio: 75; Page: 34;
place                       Paddington district 16, Marylebone, London 
Dwelling                    8 Sussex Gardens, 

Thurston B Caton head M 63   Interest of Money            Ireland*   
Selena     Caton wife M 43                                East Indies 
Mary A     Shawe MIL  W 73   Pension and Land             Havant Hants 
Constance M Caton dau U 21                                Havant Hants 
Maria Kitchant sister W 64                                Ireland*
transcript error as Isle of man
GRO MARRIAGE Decqt1876 Havant 8b 215 
Constance Margaret M Caton
William burrell Norris

1881 census 
source                    RG11; Piece: 1096; Folio: 88; Page: 19
place                     Hove, district 8, Sussex 
Dwelling                  2 Wilbury Rd, shed 68 

Thurston B. Caton head  M 74  Annuitant                  Isle of Mann
Selena      Caton wife  M 53                             India
Richard R.  Caton broth W 78  Landowner                  Westmoreland
Mary ann    Shawe MIL   W 83  Annuitant                  Havant Hants
Theophile H. Evans vist W 61  Annuitant                  India
Alice   Amery      ser    21  gen serv
Arthur  Barsted    ser    17  footman
Emma    Scott      ser    50  cook
Annie   Wilkinson  ser    28  housemaid

1901 census
Source               RG13 piece 1134   folio  page 2
Place                Drayton near Abbingdon, Berks (now oxen)
Dwelling             The Vicarage  13 High Street

Francis E Robinson  head m 68    Priest of the Church of England
and family
Selena Caton  boarder   71  widow                               India English subject

sheet 4

Thurston Bewley Caton 16 mar 1891

Portsmouth Evening News, Saterday 21st March 1891
Thurston Bewley Caton, who formerly resided at Denville, and who died suddenly at Boulogne last Monday, at the age of 84. were interred yesterday in the Warblington Churchyard.
The grave, which was lined with evergreens and snowdrops, was surrounded by a large gathering of sorrowful relatives and friends of the deceased gentleman, who was well-known and highly respected in this neighbourhood.

Death ~Duty Register Thurston B Caton died 16 march 1891 consular Death index france Thurston Bewley Caton; Boulogne

sepqt1904 Havant 2b 248
Selina elizabeth CATON aged 74

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