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Annals of the Diocese of Adelaide.
By the Rev. William Norris, M.A. Rural Dean, Rector of Warblington, Hants.

1881 census 
source                    RG11; Piece: 1138; Folio: 103; Page: 23
place                    Warblington district 12
Dwelling                 Glebe Manor shed 123 

William   B   Norris head M 29  Rector of Warblington          Oxford oxfordshire
Constance M M Norris wife M 31                                 Warblington Hants
Constance     Norris dau    11months                           Warblington
louisa Gayter serv
Elizabeth ray serv
Mary Hackman  serv

1891 census
source                RG12; Piece: 852; Folio 80; Page 8
place                Elmsworth Hampshire warbington district 11
dwelling               Glebe Manor shed 33 

William B Norris head M 39  Rector of Warblington               
Contance M M Norris wife M 41                             Warblington Hants 
Constance    Norris dau    10                             Warblington 
Murial L     Norris dau     9                             Warblington 
William J C  Norris son     8                             Warblington 
Adeline      Norris dau     7                             Warblington 
Gilbert H    Norris son     4                             Warblington 
Olive M      Norris dau     2                             Warblington 

julie L Young       ser    20    Housemaid
Lily E Bull         ser    23    Cook 
Louisa g  Marsh     ser    17    Nurse girl

1901 census 
Place                     Warblington, Southhampton 

William   B   Norris  49       Clergyman Church of England          Oxford, Oxon
Contance  M A Norris  50                                            Warblington, Hants
Constance G   Norris  20                                            Warblington
Gladys violet Norris  17                                            Wablinhton

Cranliegh School, Hambledon 
Gilbert hume Norris  14 Pupil                                      Havant Hampshire

1911 census 
Place            Havant Hampshire

William burrell         Norris   59
Constance Margaret mary Norris   61 
Constance geraldine     Norris   30
Gladys violet           Norris   27 
Olive vera              Norris   23

1911 census
Source        RG14PN5335 RG78PN238 RD84 SD1 ED16 SN54 
Place        Worthing (East Preston,) Sussex
Dwelling     Oakwood, 25 Eliswell

Fanny Francis  head 48 Widow   Letting Apartments 

William james caton Norris 28 single   Private Means              Warblington Hants

Shaping your Career. A practical guide to success and advancement by William J. Caton Norris (1930) Life and Work on the Land, etc by William J. Caton Norris (1926)
Muriel  louise Norris married George Smith junqt1910

1911 census 

Frank* smith  28  visitor Actor
Murial Smith 29  visitor Actress married 1 year                         Bornmouth Hants

there is no Frank smith marrying a murial in 1910 is this george?
sheet 2
GRO Death junqt 1936 Gosport 2b 819
Constance M M Norris aged 86

The Times, 15th September 1941
NORRIS- On Sept. 11, 1941 at the Old Rectory, Warblington, Havant, WILLIAM BURRELL? NORRIS, Rector of Warblington, 1878-1928, in his 90th year. Burial Service, 12 noon tomorrow. No flowers please, and no mourning.

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