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following Fitzgeralds death in 1879 Adine remarried about 1880 (where?) to the widower William Butler Shawe.

William Butler Shawe was in the Military together with Fitzgerald
her was the Brother of Adine's Stepmother Selina Shawe.

WBS had first been married to Adine's first cousin Myra catherine Kinchant, who died in 1868.
Myra was the daughter of Maria eliza Caton the elder siter of Adine's father Richard

                                   |                            |
                                   Thurston                     Marie eliza
                                   Caton                        Caton
                                   |                            |
                                   m1......m2..  Selena         m1
                                   |             Shawe          |
                                   Marie                        Richard
                                   St Rose       sister         Kinchant
                                   |             of             |
                                 =======                        =======
             Gabriel      m1    Adine eliza      William        Myra
             Fitzgerald         Caton.... m2.... Shawe     m1   Kinchant

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