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         Sir Francis Charlton of Ludford bought Park Hall 1717
         b.~1680 Aldermanbury
        Job 2nd son                   Emma inherited park hall 1761
        died 1761 with out issue      b.
                                      m1. xxxx
                                      m2. yyyy Brown     1 dau Gertrude
                                      John      of Stonehouse Salop, son and Heir(1776)
                                      Kinchant  of John Quinchant & Emma Scott of Shrewbury
   Francis                    John               Richard          Elizabeth       Emma  
   charlton                   charlton           |                |               |
   b.28jul1751                b.                 b.               b.              b.
   d.06oct1893                d.1832             d.24aug1809      d.              d.
   |                          |                  | india          |               |
   m1.04jul1782               m.24may1778        m.10may1802      m.10apr1777     m.26sep1775
   m2?01sep1790               |                  | caddalor E I.  |               | 
   |                          |                  |                |               |
   Mary                       Jane stuckley      Myra catherine   Richard         John
   Pateshall                  Fowler             Wilkinson        Rock/Brocke     Gardner    
   b.                         b.                 b.
   d.                         d.14jan1833        b.
   |                          aged 72            |
   =================          Kensington         |
   Mary        francis                           |
   emmma       charlton                          |
   c.11aug1786  c.01sep1790                      |
               KIA 18jun1815 waterloo            |
                                                    kinchant line
                Richard                          Elizabeth           Myra catherine    
                henry                            |                   ann
                b.06jan1804 Cuddalor india       b.                  b.india
                d.                               d.                  d.
                |                                |                   |
                m1.02dec1831 ....m2.30jan1869    m.1832              m.27aug1818 india
                |                |               |                   |
                Maria eliza      eliza emma      Major B.            C G R 
                Caton            Shawe           Halfhide            Ellis
                b.~1803 Dublin   b.1841 India    b.


KINCHANT, Richard.

1769:- Writer.
1774:- Factor and Assistant at Cuddalore.
1778:- Junior Merchant.
1780:- Senior Merchant.
1791:- Senior Merchant and Resident at Ragapore.
1795:- At home. 1800 : Commercial Resident at Cuddalore.
1809:- Commercial Resident at Cuddalore, and in Charge of the
Revenues of Pondicherry and Cuddalore.
Died 24th August, 1809, at Cuddalore.

Marriage announcements taken from the East India Register
Edition Date:  May 1802,     Page number:  477  
  Husband surname       Kinchant     
  Husband first names   Richard     
  Wife surname          Wilkinson     
  Wife first names      Myra Catherine  
  Wifes fathers rank/occupation   Master in Chancery     
  Wifes fathers unit              Supreme Court at Bombay     
  Marriage date:       10 May 1802     
  Place of marriage:   Cuddalore  
  Detail:   At Cuddalore, in the East Indies, by the Rev. Mr. Gerricke, 
  Richard Kinchant, esq. third surviving son of the late 
  John Kinchant. esq. of Park Hall, co. Salop 
  (commercial resident and chief of that factory), 
   to Miss Myra-Catherine Wilkinson, daughter of the late Jn. W. esq. 
   master in chancery in the Supreme Court at Bombay, an accomplished lady.     

GLOBE newspaper

13th February 1818,   Marriages
August 27, 1818 at Podicherry, by the Rev. J.G. Holzbury,
C.G.R. Ellis Esq., Judge of Zillah of Canara, to
Myra ann Kinchant daughter of the late
Richard Kinchant Esq., formerly Commecial Ressisdent and collector of Cuddalore.

Castles and old Mansions of Shropeshire,
PARK HALL, a fine specimen of a timber house was built by Robert Howell (otherwise Robert Powell,) in the reign of Queen Mary, between the years 1553 and 1558. It was inhabited by members of the same family, till it ended in an heiress, who sold it to Francis Charlton, of Ludford, a branch of the Charlton's of Apley, and by his will it passed to his second son Job, on whos death without issue, the estate was inherited by his sister, who married for her third husband John Charlton Kinchant, whose descendant is its present owner. It is a specimen of a style which prevailed when the necessity had ceased for making houses capable of defence, and when the newly acquired power of admitting any amount of light and air into apartments was adopted to such an unreasonable extent, as to make nearly the whole fronts of houses to consist of mullioned windows. --------------------- OSWESTRY shr Park Hall Powell - Charlton - Kinchant 1600+ Built by Thomas Powell. Passed to Sir Francis Charlton 1717. P. Reid, Guide to Country Houses, II, 1980. S. Leighton, Shropshire Houses, 1901, 25.
Shropeshire houses published 1901
IN 1563, Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel, sold to Thomas Powell, of Whittington, the land on which the present house was shortly afterwards built. His grandson or great grandson was Sheriff in 1647, and adhered to the Parliament in the Civil Wars. The next in succession was the Rev. Dr. Powell, described as "Esquire," who was Rector of Whittington, Canon and Chancellor of St. Asaph, Rector of Hodnett, Archdeacon of Salop, and King's Chaplain.
His son Thomas, Mayor of Oswestry, 1690, Recorder 1698, Sheriff 17 17, sold Park in the latter year to Sir Francis Charlton, Bart., of Ludford. Sir Francis was the eldest son of Sir Job Charlton, Speaker in 1673 ; he was M.P. for Ludlow in 1678, Sheriff in 1699, and dying in 1729, was succeeded at Park by his eldest son by his second marriage, Job, who died without issue in 1761, when the estate vested in his sister Emma, who married for her third husband, John Kinchant.
The father of Kinchant was of French Huguenot descent, and was killed at Fontenoy in 1745. John Charlton Kinchant was Sheriff in 1775, and died in 1832. His nephew and heir was killed at Waterloo, and the estate subsequently passed to a cousin, Richard Henry Kinchant, Sheriff 1846, after whose death it was sold, about 1870, to the present owner, Mrs. Wynne Corrie, by the mortgagees.

The "Black and White" facade is artistically designed. A small domestic chapel occupies one wing ; a long low hall fills the centre, in which is an oak table of a single plank, 4 ft. X2i ft. Quaint Latin mottoes, after the sentimental form of Tudor decoration, are engraved above the doors. Such as
" Quod tibi fieri non vis Alteri non feceris."

" Murus aheneus Sana conscientia."

There is a handsome oak staircase, a panelled gallery, and some plaster work of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries on the ceiling of the drawing room. There was formerly here a gatehouse, mentioned by Evelyn in his '* Forest Trees," as an example of a beam of extraordinary size, which supported the upper storey, and upon which was carved the following verses :

" En ego, que firmis steteram radicibus olim

Silvarum dominus fertilitate mea, Idlibus heu crebris cecidi pulcherrima quercus,

Incumbo saxis pondere pressa domus Sexaginta pedes fuerant in stipite nostro

Excepta coma, que speciosa fuit. Non facics Formosa potest produccrc vitam, Non genus egrcgium cum fcra fata vocant : Quarc nc rebus nimium tu fide secundis Felix quiquis agis : tempore cunfta ruunt."

A raised terrace formerly ran at right angles to the side of the house, and on it was a sundial, with the following verses :

" Practerlt stas Ncc remorantc Lapsa rccedunt Sascula cursu

Ut fugit astas Utquc citatus Turbinis instar Volvitur annus

Sic quoque nostra Precipitanter Vita reccdit Ocyor undis."

Great additions have been made of late to the garden side of the house, but the entrance front has not been altered.
Morning Post
28 may 1778
On Sunday last was married at St.Anne, Westminster,
John Charlton Kinchant Esq., of Park Hall, Shropeshire,
to Miss Fowler, eldest daughter of
Christopher Fowler Esq., od Dean Street, Soho.

The Morning Post,Saterday, December 3rd 1831
Married yesterday at All Souls Church, Langham Place,
by the Revd. John Kinchant, Richard Henry Kinchant, Esquire, eldest son of the late Richard Kinchant, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service, to
Maria Eliza, only daughter of the Revd. R. B. Caton, of York Street, Portman Square, and of Binbrook Walk House, Lincolnshire."

1st January 1832
At All Souls Church, Langham Place,
R.H.Kinchant Esq., to
Maria Eliza , daughter of Rev. R.B. Caton

The Asiatic Journal
and monthly Register,
January to April 1832

2nd Dec., At All Souls Church, Langham Place,
Richard H. Kinchant Esq., eldest son of the late Richard Kinchant Esq., Madras civil Service, to Maria Eliza ,only daughter of the Rev. Richard B. Caton, of York Street, Portman Square, and of Binbrook Walk House, Lincolnshire


Marriage Date   27 - Apr     
  Marriage Year   1831     
  Husband First Names   B.     
  Husband Surname   Halfhide     
  Wife First Names   Elizabeth     
  Wife Surname   Kinchant     
  IOR Reference   None     
  Source Year   1832     
  Source Edition   2     
  Source Presidency   Bengal     
  Source Event   Marriage     
  Entry   At Cawnpore, Major B. Halfhide, of H.M. 44th regt., 
          to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Richard Kinchant, Esq., 
          Madras civil service.     
  Transcribed by   FIBIS Volunteers     

Bernard Burke's  History of the Landed Gentry - 1847 page 672
Kinchant, Richard henry of Park Hall and Bishop's Castle, Co. Salop 
b.05jan1804, late an officer in the 69th Regiment of Infantry
married 2nd dec 1831 Maria-Eliza CATON 
      only dau. of the Rev. Richard-Bewley Caton, MA, of Binbrook, co. Lincoln, 

and has issue, 
1/  John-Charlton  KITCHANT    b.27may1834
2/  Job Henry      KITCHANT    b.20aug1835
3/  Richard-Caton  KITCHANT    b.04apr1841
   3/1 Eliza power KITCHANT
   3/2 Myra catherine ann KITCHANT

Mr Kinchant is a Magistrate for the county of Salop, and an officer in the 
North Shropshire Yeomanry Cavalry. He suceeded to the Estates on the demise of 
his uncle the late John-Charlton Kinchant Esq in 1832.

Bernard Burke's - 1863 - Heraldry

Kinchant, Richard henry, of Park Hall, co. Salop, JP and DL High Sherrif 1846
b.06jan1804, late an officer in the 69th regiment,
Eliza-maria CATON, only dau of the Rev. Richard Bewley Caton M.A.
of Binbrook, co. Lincoln;
and has issue: 
1/ Charlton-john  Kinchant  b.27may1834 accidently drowned may 1859
2/ job-henry      Kinchant  b.20aug1835 
3/ Richard-caton  Kinchant  b.04apr1841 Liet HM Madras army
4/ Eliza power Kinchant     b.          
                            m.23apr1851 Edward Venables esq 
                            son of L J  Venables esq, of Woodhill co. Salop
5/ Maria catherine ann KITCHANT
Clerical Inteligence, 9th April 1827
Bachelor of Arts , R. H. Kinchant; Stt. John's Coll.
EDINGURGH GAZETTE 8th March 1864 page 299
Richard caton Kinchant
Dated 18th march 1859

103rd Foot
Lieutenant Richard caton Kinchant,from the 32nd Madras Native Infantry,
to be Lieutenant,vice E.E. Gibson, transfered to the Bengal Staff Corps
Dated 2nd March 1866
63rd Foot
Leiutenant Richard caton Kinchant, from the 103rd Foot,
to be Leiutenant, vice Burne, who exchanges
Dated 17 april 1867
63rd Foot
Ensign Henry john Goring to be leiutenant, by purchase,
vice Richard caton Kinchant, who retires Dated 24th March 1869

1841 census 
source                    HO107; Piece 916; Book: 6; Civil Parish:  Folio:  ; Page: 1
place                     Whittington; County: Shropshire; Enumeration District: 4;
dwelling                  Park Hall 

Richard  Kinchant   2 months                              y
Myra     Kinchant   2                                     y
Charles  Lawson             M S
Thomas   Pool               M S 
Mary     Daniel     40      F S  
Mary     Powell     20      F S 
Ellen    Charles    20      F S 
Sarah    Harris     20      F S 
Elizabeth  Chidlow  20      F S 

1841 census          
                       st chad shewsbury district 4 Shropshire

Eliza  Kinchant 8 pupil at boarding schoool 

1851 census 
Source                     HO107; Piece: 1993; Folio: 667; Page: 30
Place                      Whittingdon   District 1d, Shropshire
Dwelling                   Park Hall shed 115

Richard henry       Kinchant head M 46  Magistrate & Landed proprietor Cudden E I.
Maria eliza         Kinchant wife M 38                               Dublin Ireland
Eliza power         Kinchant dau    18                               St Leonards Bucks
John Charlton       Kinchant son    16                               St Leonards Bucks
Myra chatherine ann Kinchant dau    11    Scholar at Home            Whittington Salop
Richard caton       Kinchant son     9    Scholar at home            Whittington Salop
Richard Redmond     Caton    vist   44    Landed proprietor        Otleside Westmoreland
Frances eliza       Caton   niece   18                             Woodmancote Hants

catherine clarke governess 29                                   Jamacia, British subject 
Mary Davis       serv u    50  cook                             Salop oswestry
Elizabeth Jones  serv u    26 ladies maid                       Manchester, lancs
Elizabeth Jones  serv u    22 house maid                        Mongomeryshire Llanrilin
Sarah William    serv u    16  ?emp?hess                        Mongomeryshire criggi?n
John Davis       serv u    22 coachman                          Denbyshire llang/llon
John Llewelyn    serv u    20 footman                           Shropshire wittington

30th April 1851
On the 23rd inst., at Whittington Church, Shropshire,
Edward frederick Venables ,
second son of L. J. Venables, Esq, of Woodhill to
Eliza power Kinchant, eldest daughter of
Richard Henry Kinchant, Esq, of Park Hall
and Bishop's Castle, Shropshire.

Morning Chronical 8th Feb 1860
By the Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Salop,
Shropshire Regiment of Militia;
Job henry Kinchant, gent., to be
Lieutenant, vice Pelburn, promoted.

1861 census 
source                   RG9; Piece: 1880; Folio: 41; Page: 18;               
place                    Whittington, District 9, Shropshire 
Dwelling                 Park Hall 

Richard H  Kinchant  head M  56  Gentleman & H D L        Cuddalore E I 
Maria E    Kinchant  wife M  40  Lady                         Ireland                       
Job Henry  Kinchant  son  U  24                               St Senards Bucks
Myra       Kinchant  dau     20                               Whittington Salop
Edward     Bailey   serv     18  groom 
Margaret   Davies   serv     54  cook
Elizabeth  Edwards  serv     22  dairy maid
William    Paddock  serv     18  footman
Eliza J    Williams serv     22  housemaid

13th January 1877,   Marriages
GEPP / KINCHANT, Jan 3rd, North Stoneham, Southampton,
Rev Charles Granville GEPP. M.A, Oxford, to
Charlotte, widow of J. Henry KINCHANT Esq, Park Hall, Oswestry, Salop.

30th January 1869,   Marriages
KINCHANT-SHAWE- At Cheltenham,
Mr. R. H. Kinchant, B.A., Oxon,
District Superintendant of Police, Punjab, to
Eliza E. SHAWE, daughter of Major R. Shawe, late Madras Army, Jan 26th

IGI C000677
Eliza edith Shawe
c.21oct1841 Vepery-Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Father Robert Shawe

1851 - HO107/1981/368/9

Upper Lucton School
Lucton (now Herefordshire)

Robert H Kinchant, Boarder, 13, Male, Handbridge, Shropshire, England - one
of 14 pupils

1881 census
Source              RG11, Piece 3088, Folio 37, Page 2
Place               St Mary Warwick
Dwelling            Lolnbridge Rd, private house

Robert     Kinchant   head  m 44  Chief Constable           Llanvanwatedine Shropshire
Eliza E.   Kinchant   wife  m 38  constable's wife             East Indies
Evangaline Kinchant  dau      14  Schoolar                     East Indies
Francis    Kinchant           13

1881 census 
source             RG11 piece 1159 Folio 98 page 26 
Place              Landport,  Portsea Island, Hampshire 
Dwelling           29 Shaftsbury Rd.

R. C (rev.) Kinchant    head  38     Chaplain H, M. Prison       Owestry, Shropshire         
Adelaide Blake        visitor 21                                 Culcutta
Gwen Jones            visitor 19                                 Melbourne
Goring Jones          visitor 15                                 Australia
note Gwen and Goring are Richard Caton Kinchant's Niece and Nephew children of his mother's elder sister Frances eliza Jones nee Caton

4th May 1881,   Marriages
KINCHANT-MORGAN- On the 30th ult.,
at St. Jude's Church, Southsea, by the Rev. J. S. Blake, M.A.,the
Rev. Richard Caton Kitchant,
son of the late R. H. Kitchant, Esq.,of Park Hall, Salop, to
Pamela Augusta MORGAN, eldest daughter of the late Captain H.C. Morgan,
formerly of the 3rd Light Dragoons, granddaughter of the
late Sir East George Clayton East?, Bart. of Hall Place, Berks.

11th Hussars, Major John Cbarlton Kinchant to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice J. D. H. Stewart, C.M.G-., seconded from 1st July, 1881, for service as Vice-Consul in Asia Minor. Dated 20th December, 1882.

7th May 1881
On the 30th ult. at St Judes' South Sea,
the Rev. Richard Caton Kinchant,Esq. of
Park Hall, and Bishops Castle, Salop, J.P. D.L., to Pamela augusta, eldest daughter of the late Captain henry Charles Morgan 3rd light Dragooons

John Bull ,law and police 28th jan 1871
An Action was tried in the Bail Court on Tuesday in which
Mr. Seymore an Auctioneer in Gt Swan alley , Moregate Street sued the Rev. Mr Kinchant

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