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Callander Origins

George Callander
c.14th July 1838, St Helens, Hampshire
Father: John Callander
Mother: Emma janet

1841 census
Source             107 piece 406 book 2 folio 25 page 15 line12
Place              st. Helens  Isle of White, Hampshire
Dwelling           Springfield 

John Callender    30   advocate     
Emma Callender    25 
George Callander   3
Jane   Callander  10 mn
7  servants  

1851 census
The family not found probably in France
as itimated by  the 1861 census.
However as George has joined the Army by 1855 
he was probably  still in uk at boarding school.

List of officers in Royal regiment of Artillery (page 68)
No. 2487  George erskin Callander
Gib 7 Sep 1855  to  19 Feb 1861  
Ind 8 nov 1865  to  13 Nov 1868

By 1861 both George and his family are back in the UK

1861 census 
Source                  RG9, Piece 658, Folio   Page 18  Schedule 85
place                   Ryde, St Helens Isle of White, parish St Johns
Dwelling                Spring Field House,  St Johns Hill 

John       Callander head  51  Fund Holder                 Scotland
Emma       Callander wife  48                              London
Jane       Callander dau   20                              St Helens
Emma       Callander dau   19                              St Helens
Isabella   Callander dau   13                              St Helens 
Edith      Callander dau   10                              St Helens 
Gertrude   Callander dau    6                              France Brit Subj.
Henry      Callander son    3                              France Brit Subj.
3 servants 

1861 census 
source                  RG9 Piece 1450,   Folio 103 page 1
Place                   Stoke Damerel, Clowance, Devonshire

George E. Callander s 22  Leiutenant Royal Artillery       St. Helens, Isle of White

1871 census
Source:               RG10, Piece 1016 folio 85 page 1
place                 Cheriton, Elham, Folkston, Kent        
Dwelling              Camp Shorncliff 

George erskin Callander  s 32     officer               St Helens Isle of White

London Gazette 27 March 1877
Captain George erskin Callander,
late Royal Artillery, retired upon an annuity,
has been permitted to commute his retired allowance.
Dated 20 dec 1872

George and not found in 1881 census

In 1883 he married Frances eliza Jones nee Caton

George and Frances not found in 1891 census

George d.sepqt1898 Thorbury aged 60

1901 census  
Source              RG13 piece 2533 folio 33 page 3
place               Pontesford, Pontesbury district 3, Shropshire
dwelling            Schedule 21, Pontesford House  

Derwas  Jones        head    w  77   living on owm means      Welshpool Montgomeryshire
Frances E Callander  visitor W  66   living on own means      Woodmancote Sussex
note indexed as Denras C Jones
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