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GORDON - CATON ; February 2nd at Edinburgh, B.L. Gordon,Esq., H.M.'s Madras Horse Artillery, to Laura Sophia, daughter of Richard Redmond Caton, Esq., and grand-daughter of the Rev. R. Bewley, M.A., Blanford Square, London.

ORIGINS OF Benjamin Lumsden Gordon

LDS film 1952167,  Hon. East India Company's Service,  Cadet Papers 1848/49 
no 230 24 Oct 1849 for the Military Seminary.
Benjamin Lumsden GORDON 
born 8 July 1833 
baptised 31 July 1833 at Abernethy
in the Co of Moray or Elgin to 
Capt James GORDON.of 92nd Foot and 
Janet Georgina both of 5 St Bernard Cr Edinburgh.
School Edinburgh Military Academy.

Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Masses  1909 

GORDON, Lt Gen Sir Benj. Lumsden RA KCB, 
third son of late Capt James Gordon of Ivybank, Nairnshire 
Born at Revack 08 july 1833 
bap. Jul. 31, at Abernethy, Moray; 
Educated at Edinburgh and Addiscombe ; 
nominated for "Honourable East India Company Service", 
by W. J. Eastwick on recommendation of his mother. 

On the Second day of February,
At St. John's Chapple,

Marriage, (after Banns), was solomnized between us acording to the Forms
of Scottish Epicapal Church.
26 Joybank
The 16 Madras
Horse Artillery
James Gordon,
Paymaster (on half pay)
Late of the 92nd Highlanders

Janet Georgina Gordon
Maiden name Grant
Laura Sophia Caton
20 35
Mesray Place,
Spinster Richard Redmond Caton Esq.,

Anna Maria Caton,
Maiden name - Rideout
the above marriage was registered by me at Edinburgh, on the 3rd day of February 1860

Married 1860, Feb. 2, to
Laura Sophia Caton (b. 1839, May 2), 
dau. of R. R. Caton, of Binbrook, Lincolnsh., 
James Redmond Patrick Gordon b.1860  Brig Gen Commanding 1 Cavalry Brigade 
                                     South Africa Field Force, 1900-1901
                             m. 27 nov  1888  Clarisse Renolds

Ethel Fanny Grant Gordon     b. 26 June 1862
                             c. 31 July 1862 at Madras; 
Ida Georgie Grant Gordon     b. 16 May  1864  
                             c. 14 june 1864 at Madras 
Mabel Laura Gordon           b. 19 sept 1865 
                             c. 25 Oct. 1865 at Madras 

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Sir Benjamin Lumsden Gordon 
1852, Jun. 12,  2nd Lt., H.E.I.C.S. (Madras Art.)
1857-8, Hoprse Artilley in the Indian Mutiny, present at relief of Lucknow, including operations at the Martiniere and Dilkoosha, Dec. 6, action and defeat of Gwalior Contingent at Cawnpore, and pursuit (Medal with clasp). 1858, Apr. 27, sen 2nd Lt to 1st Lt. : source Bombay Times 1860, feb 02 Married Laura S, daughter of R R Caton, of Binbrook, co Lincoln 1863, Jun. 5, 2nd Capt., R.A. 1868, May 28, Capt. 1872, Jul. 5, Maj. 1875, Apr. 1, Lt. Col. 1880, Apr. 1, Bt. Col. 1879-80, served in Afghan war, battle of Charasiah, and operations round Kabul (Medal, two clasps). Commander R.A. in Sir Roberts' advcance on Kabul 1881, Feb. 22, C.B. 1883, Mar. 31, Col. 1884, Mar. 31 Brig. Gen. (temp.), Madras; Jun. 10, -sep 13 reward for distinguished services; Sep. 14 1886, Mar. 30, Brig. Gen., Madras; Oct. 27, Maj. Gen.; Mar. 31 1886-7, served in Bur- mese Expedition, comd. in Lower Burma Div. ; thanked by Govt. of India (Despatches, Medal with clasps) (L.G., 1887, Sep. 3). 1889-90, Served in GORDONS UNDER ARMS. 59 Chin-Lushai expedition, Comd. Burma District 1889-91 (L.G., 1890, Sep. 12). 1890, Mar. 30, Lt. Gen. ; 1890, May 31, comd. in Madras as a Maj. Gen. 1890 Nov. 15, ret. list. (A.L., 1853-1910). 1899, Jun. 3, K.C.B.

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