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Frederick not found in 1861/71/81 census probaly serving in India

1891 census
Source               RG12, Piece 563,    folio 158, Page 7
Place               Aldershot,  FARNHAM, Frimley Surrey
Dwelling            Schedule 481, Victoria Road

Frederick Keyser   head  49 M Colonel Inspector of Signalling Army 
Tancer E Potterton ser   20 s Servant domestic
Louisa    Bundy    ser   19 s  Servant domestic

Old Baily 5th march 1894

281. THOMAS MURRAY(34), and FLORENCE ASHTON(23) , Burglary in the dwelling-house of Jules Bessom, and stealing three rings, a coat, and other articles, the property of Frederick Charles Keyser.
Mr. W. H. C. PAYNE Prosecuted, and Mr. PURCELL Defended Ashton.
JULES BESSOM . I live at 11, Pelham Place, South Kensington—on December 31st the house was locked up safely, and my wife went to a midnight service—when she came back I let her in at the front door—I heard a noise between five and 5.30 a.m., and found the front door open and a strange pocket-book on the mat—I gave it to a policeman—the parlour window had been broken open by forcing the latch back with a chisel—I did not miss anything—Colonel Keyser lodges there, and has the drawing-room floor and the floor above—I sleep in the basement.
FREDERICK CHARLES KEYSER . I am a Colonel in the Army, and live at Mr. Bessom's house in Pelham Place—on January 1st, about 5.45 a.m., Mrs. Bessom awoke me and I missed from my dressing-room four sets of studs, three breast-pins, four or five sets of links, a medal, a silver pencilcase, three lady's rings, a jet necklace, three pairs of trousers, two coats, three waistcoats, a great coat, some underclothes, a pair of braces worked with my initials, a brush and comb, and two razors—some of them were in a portmanteau; I had brought them up from Aldershot—these razors, brushes, great coat, studs, links, underclothes, regimental scarf and two pins (produced) are mine, and this bag with my initials on it—Murray was wearing a pair of my trousers at the station and at the Police-court. Cross-examined by Murray. There can be two pairs of trousers of the same pattern, but these are like mine; they were made by my tailor, Mr. Grant, of Brompton —the buttons are marked "Excelsior"—they do not fit you.
JOHN CONQUEST (Police Inspector). On January 25th I went with Sergeant Cox to 2, Blythe Terrace, Westminster Road, and found the two prisoners living in the top room back—I said, "We are police officers. I believe your name is Catton?"—Murray said "Yes,"—I said, "You also go by the name of Murray, don't you?"—he said "Yes"—I said, "You are wanted on a warrant from Manchester; you will have to go with us to See original Earl's Court Police-station"—we took off his coat and asked him where he got it—he said that Lewis, a tailor at Manchester, made it—there were three pawn tickets in the pockets—we went to the pawnbroker's and found some of the property in the other case—he was wearing these braces belonging to Colonel Keyser, who afterwards identified the coat and trousers —we then went back to the lodging, searched and found six duplicates; two referred to clocks — Murray afterwards admitted that the property in the tickets belonged to me — these studs and jewellery were found at various pawnbrokers'— he said at the station, "I might as well make a clean breast; you will find the remainder of his property at a pawnbroker's in Long Acre, and Davidson's, in Waterloo Road, and another pawnbroker's in Waterloo Road, who I do not know the name of"—under the bed at his lodgings we found this bag, with "C. K." on it, which the colonel has identified—Ashton was there when we went back, and I said, "Do you know of any more pawn tickets?"—she said, "No, there are no others in the place, as far as I know"—I found six more; they were shown to Murray, and he said they belonged to him.

Cross-examined by MR. PURCELL.
Murray was taken on January 25th, and Ashton not till January 30th—Ashton was at the Police-court when Murray was brought up next day—she produced to me two pawn tickets for underclothing of her own—she had been living with Murray for three weeks—I have traced his previous lodgings, and I know she was not living with him there—the police know nothing against her.

Cross-examined by Murray.
You said that you bought the coat and some other property of a Mr. Sefton—you said, "I gave £2 for the china clock, £1 for the carriage clock, and £2 for the other things"—I took that down—you said that Sefton lived at 7, Park Street, and that was the address on the pawn tickets — I never heard that it was Park Street, Hampstead Road.

WILLIAM DUGAL (Detective Sergeant).
I examined 11, Pelham Place, and found marks on the window, which is about twelve feet from the front—they stepped over the area on to the window-sill. Murray's defence. I told the inspector the name and address of the man I bought them of. I sent them to pawn by my landlady in her own name, which I should not have done if I had known they were stolen. The man has got out of London since I have been arrested; if the officer had gone at once, he might have found him. He kept a butcher's shop in town some time ago, and became bankrupt, or else I should not have bought them of him.
MURRAY— GUILTY on the Second Count.

info 9c, Sheet 2

1901 census
source             RG13, piece 442, Folio       Page 4, Schedule 29
Place              Battersea Park, London      
Dwelling           42 Primrose Mansions, Residential Flats,          

Fredrick C Keyser  head M 59  Col commanding 5 Rar Reg Taliovana Bks Aldershot  London
Alfred Garrett  boarder m 50   Foreman, Cleaner for Army and Navy store
Charlotte Garrett serv  m 60   Housekeeper
Lena M E Garrett  serv  s 16   helps her mother domestic
Harry E Garrett   boarder 15    Clerk

1911 census
Source:          RG14PN2153, RG78PN74, RD26, SD1 ED10 SN79 
Place:           Prince of Wales Road, Battersea, London
Dwelling:        87 Prince of Wales Mansions, Battersea Park

Frederick charles Keyser  head 69    marrrear          Paddington , London                                  
          children  none, Occ None - Retired Colonel in the army, late Royal Fusiliers
Mabel laura       Keyser wife  45                                       Bangalor India, 
                                      daughter of  Gen. Sir B. Gordon, Royal Artillery

Florence mabel Saunders   serv  26    Cook
Florence elizabeth Hooper serv  26    Palour maid

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