Info 9e, Ronald Methuen Gordon
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Ellis Island arrivals

Passenger Ronald Methuen Gordon
Arrived aboard the Ortega on February 6, 1920

    Batch Number: P50458-7 
    Packet Number:  
    Record Number:  
    Page Ref. Number: 203 
    Page Line Number: 0004 
    First Name: Ronald Methuen 
    Last Name: Gordon 
    Age at Arrival: 30y 
    Gender Code: M 
    Marital Status: S 
U. S. Citizen? No 
Ship Crew? No 
    Nationality: English 
    Place of Residence: Lima, Peru 
    Standardized Place of Residence:  
    Ship Name: Ortega 
Standardized Ship Name: Ortega 
    Ship Arrival Date: 6 Feb 1920 
    Ship Arrival Port: New York City, New York, New York 
    Departure Port: Talcahuano, Chile 
    Standardized Departure Port: Talcahuano, Talcahuano, Biobio, Chile 
ID Number: 604587050093 

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