Ramsden of Brandy Carr

Family Tree

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Chatterton Pearson of Wakefield Roberts of Wakefield Richardson of Hull
Crompton of Nafferton Elgey of Driffield Borrell-Brown Caton


             John(benjamin?) Helm(e)    m.30jan1774 Rothwell     Mary   Colley    Info 1a
             |                                                   b.abt 1753
             |   Helm line, Baptised Holy Trinity, Rothwell, born Middleton
Ann (mary?) William     Thomas      Jane         John        Bryan       Mary        Chrissa   
b.          b.          b.          b.04mar1780  b.07apr1784 b.          b.17jun1786 b.~1789
c.10jul1774 c.28apr1776 c.19apr1778 c.09apr1780  c.03apr1782 c.11jul1784 c.13aug1786 c.17jun1789
|                                                       Info 1b
m.31dec1797   after Banns, All Saints,  Wakefield          
John  Ramsden                                       Info 1bb
c.20jun1774*    All Saints,   Wakefield           
d.05dec1841     Brandy Carr aged 69
|            RAMSDSEN line,  christened East Ardsley                                               cont.
Mary         John          William          Benjamin      Jane          Thomas        Info 1c
|            |             |                b.12nov1805   |             b.07nov1809
c.07oct1798  c.07sep1800   c.25dec1803      c.02feb1806   c.15nov1807   c.24dec1809  
d.           d.1848+       d.               d.1853?       d.young?      d.
|                          |                                            |
m.25nov1841                m.31may1830                                  m.23may1831
|                          |  St Marywoodkirk                           | 
James                      Mary                                         Sarah
Eastwood   widower         Sutcliff                                     Clark   
of Halifax                 b.1803/4.                                    b.~1809 leeds
                                                               Info 1d
             Elizabeth ann      James           Bryan             Jesse          
             b.12jan1812        |               helme             |              
             c.12apr1812        c.06mar1814     c.22sep1816       c.16may1819   
             d.                 d?1863          d.1895            d.1851+ 
             |                  |               |                 |
             m.20jan1832        m?              m1.31may1830      m.04jul1847     
             |  Wakefield                       | Woodkirk        | Dewsbury
             |                                  |                 |        
             Timothy                            Sarah ann         Anne 
             Pearson 1st                        Saville           Craig? /Sutcliff? 
             of Halifax                         b.~1820           b.~1829/32    

Ramsden Origins sheet 2
Mary 1798 William 1803 Benjamin 1805 Thomas 1809
Elizabeth 1812 James 1814 Bryan 1816 Jesse 1819

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