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Roberts of Wakefield Pearson of Wakefield Cranswick
Ramsden of Wrenthrope Crompton of Nafferton Borrell - Brown


   MATHEW JAGGER  (family bible)      
   m?06jan1773  Almondbury?
   Hannah     (family bible)              
   Hannah                                  Info 1b Info 1a
   b.07apr1781   source family bible , Hull?    
   d.02mar1859   aged 78                           
   m.19nov1811, All saints, Sculcoates         Info 1d Info 1c              
   b. abt 1781   Hull (census)                 Info 1e
   d.21sep1855   aged 74, Hull                           
   |   children christened at Holy Trinity, Myton, Hull
   John             Thomas           Henry            William              Joseph        
   b.12jan1812      b.30dec1813      b.21nov1815      b.27nov1818          b.12jan1821
   c.12feb1812      c.07feb1814      c.01jan1816      c.30dec1818          c.24feb1821   
   d.04dec1893      d.07nov1846      d.18may1870      d.22jul1907          d.28may1899
     aged 81          aged 32        |                ***********          |
   **********       **********       |                                     |
                                     m.04sep1853                           m.03Aug1872
                                     | St. Mary                            |              
                                     Elizabeth                             Marian caton
                                     Cook                                  Brown         
                                     c.06nov1801                           b.20feb?  
                                     St. Mary                              c.26mar1839
                                     Hull                                  d.09jul1910  
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sheet 2
             Marion Joseph       
   Joseph Richardson 5th child of Hannah and Thomas Richardson   
   c.24feb1821 Holy Trinity Hull
   d.01apr1899 Cottingham         
   Marian caton                                          Info 3b Info 3a
   Brown  youngest dau of Harriet caton Borrell and Robert Brown 
   b.20feb? Family Bible
   c.26mar1839 St James, Kingston upon Hull              Info 3c
   d.09jul1910 Cottingham
   |                children of Marian and Joseph      
   Edith             Florence          John              Hilda             Joseph    
   mary              hannah            robert            marion            |         
   b.24nov1873       b.27nov1875       b.31mar1877       b.9oct1878        b.22may1881
   d.jan1943         d.1948            d.28 may 1918     d.1942            d.03feb1956
   *********         ************      |                 ***********       ***********
  Info 3d Info 3e dhand Info 3f  

sheet 4

John Robert Richardson, Timber importer, St Georges Docks, Hull. Started these Trees 1910

Louisa Ellen Roberts and John Robert Richardson

   John Robert Richardson 3rd child of Marian and Joseph
   b.31mar1877  Wakefield
   d.28may1918  Bridlington
   m.21Mar1901  Wakefield Cathederal
   Louisa Ellen 3rd child of Ellen and George H. Roberts
   b.21nov1876 Wakefield                            Info 4b Info 4a
   d.1953 Kitali Kenya
   |===============================|=========================|================||         Info 4c
   Francis                         Cynthia                   Audrey  
   Eileen                          Caton                     Josephine
   b.12sep1902                     b.12aug1904               b.o5jul1911
   d.1996                          d.1995 exeter             d.24apr1963
   |                               |                         |
   m.17jan1930                     *********                 m.decqt1940 Exeter        
   |                                                         |                            Info 4d
   Harry                                                     Alfred george
   Crompton                                                  douglas Glass
   b.26jun1896                                               b.06may1901
   d.27mar1973                                               d.25jun1978
   |                                                         |
   |=======================|============|                    |=================
   Sheila                  Heather                           John Caton 
   margaret                caton                             Christopher 
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