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THE Scott line of Little Dunkeld

Our thanks to the extesive research by Charles Price and family.
Since official records only started in 1855 and parish records are incomplete
many of the dates have not been verified from primary sources!
      Donald                     Info 1a, Scott of Borlick 
      d.1814   aged 82    possibly 19aug1814 registered in Logierait     
      Jannet                           Info 1b, Donalds Grave 
      Scott    Info 2a, census
      c.18jul1769  Little Dunkeld
      d.1837 aged 68
      d.1848 aged 84
sheet 3
|             Children of Ann and James   born Little Dunkeld                                   Cont.
      Donald(Daniel)    John              Margaret          Janet             Alexander         Thomas           
      b.dec1793         b.29mar1794       b.dec1795         b.~1797           b.~1801/2         b.abt1803        
      d.05nov1873       d.1852            d.26nov1875       d.1803            d.25sep1862       d.26mar1853       
      | london          |                 |                 aged6             aged 60           | Vic au age 50   
      never married     m.27may1837       m.15sep1833       ******            m.02jan1832       m.20jan1827       
      |                 |                 |                                   | Perth           |                    
      |                 Christin          Alexander                           Sussan            Catherine         
      |                 Kennedy           Campbell                            Campbell          Anderson         
      |                 b.~1814           b.                                  b.~1797           b.15jul1808      
      |                 d.                d.                                  d.                d.               
      |                 |                 |                                   |                 |           
  info 3a info 3b Campbell tree   info 3b Thomas  

      Children of Donald scott Cont.
        Jessie            Dr Charles        Ann?              Mary?             James?            Catherine?       
        b.~1811           b.~1813           b.                b.                b.                b.                
        d.                d.09jul1877       b.                d.                d.                d.              
        |                 |
        m.                never marrried
        |                 |
        ?                 |                   
        Thompson          |
        b.                |                  
        d.bef 1861        |
        |                 |
        |===========      |                         
         Annie            |
          Jessie          |
            Donald        |
  info 3c info 3d info 3e info 3f info 3g info 3h  

sheet 4

   John  Scott     2nd Child of ann Stewart and James Scott
   b.29mar1794  source igi   info 4a
   d.1852 aged 58                  
   m.27may1837 Banns? Fortingall and Little Dunkeld                        
   Christian/Christina /Catherine                                         
   Kennedy                daughter of Janet
   b.~1814        Fortingale                              
   |                          children born little Dunkeld
   Ann              James           Jessie           Christina         James            Donald           Daniel      
   c.27mar1839      b.13apr1840     b.28oct1840      b.10may1842       b.~1844          b.28/29jun1846   b.1846
   d.               died young?     d.               d.1853            d.               d.               d.
                                    |                 aged 9


     b.~1796 Borlick, Little Dunkeld
     d.26sep1875 Newton Strathbrann
     |      aged 79 & 10 months
     m.banns 7th and 15th sep1833 Dull and Little Dunkeld
     Campbell   Widower                      
     d.02nov1850 at Dundavee
     James                  Ann
     b.09jan1835            c.26nov1836    
     c.14feb1835            d.young?
     d. 1891+                  
     m.16apr1857 NZ
     to NZ   Campbell   

sheet 6

   Thomas Scott  6th Child of Ann Stewart and James Scott
   b.abt1803  Borlick, Little Dunkeld, Perthshire                   info 5a
  br.26mar1853 Burke, Melbourne, Victoria Au. aged 50
   m.20jan1827   Little Dunk, Perthshire                             info 5b
   Anderson   dau of Mary Forbes and Donald Anderson             info 5c
   b.15jul1808  Tomnagrew  Perthshire
   d.07may1873  Wareek, Bung Bong, Victoria, Australia
   |                                                                 info 5d
   |                First 8 children born Borlick Farm
   Ann                         Mary            James           Donald          Margaret        Jessie           info 5e
   b.16nov1827?                b.1828          b.07may1831     b.apr1834       b.04jul1835?    b.11may1837     
   d.25dec1900                 d.1903          d.23jun1869     d.1895          d.sep1900       d.        
   |                           |               |               | Talbot        |               |       
   m1.20sep1853....m2.1886     m.04sep1847     m.1859          |               m.08oct1868     m.1862           
   |  Au.          |           | Scot.         |               |               |               |       
   William         John        Donald          Elizabeth       |               Colin           John T.         
   Price           Caddle      Crera           Gunn            |               Ross            Allan      
   b.1823          b.          b,1800          b.~1837         |               b.~1840         b.      
   d.31oct1862     d.          d.01apr1875     d.25may1904     |               d.              d.    
  info 6a info 6b info 6c info 6d info 6e info 6f  

Children of Catherine and Thomas cont.   2 boys  Amulree                  Last 3 boys Lynmore 
       Catherine        Charles          Edward           Alexander        Thomas           Peter            William    
       |                john             robert maule     |                jnr.             |                |             
       b.1840           b.13sep1841      b.18aug1843      b.13sep1845      b.1848           b.04jan1849      b.08jan1851
       d.               d.               d.1896           d.               d.               d.               d.
       |                                 | balranald      |                |                |                |
       m.1859                            m.1876           m.               m.               m.1877?          m.
       |                                 | Amherst        |                |                victoria state   |    
       George                            Annie            /                /                |                |
       Horsefall                         holmees                                            Isabell
       b.                                Henderson                                          Neyland            
       d.                                b.23apr1852 Au.                                    b.1853
                                         d.21apr1896                                        d.24dec1927
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