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Thomas Mott Caton Died 1828 of Regency Sq. Brighton
Robert Lakeland of Acomb died 1790 Will dated 31st mar 1790
Elizabeth charlotte Borrell Died May 1853 of Grainsby Hall
William Richardson Died 21 july 1907 of Linden Villa, the Park, Hull
William Richardson OBIT 22 july 1907 Well known gentleman of Hull
Marion Caton Richardson Died 09 July 1910 of Caton Lodge, Station Rd. Cottingham
John Robert Richardson Died 28 may 1918 of Seacroft, Bridlington, and Hull
Joseph Richardson Died 1st April 1899 at Belverder, Newland Park, Hull
Joseph Roberts Died 25th May 1883 of Albion Street, Wakefield
George Henry Roberts Died 16 Sept 1900 of Avenue House,
Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield
George Henry Roberts Obit and Funeral description
Ellen Roberts Died 8th july 1941 at Waungon Rd. Llandaff
Joseph Sugden Died 8th Feb 1847 Innkeeper of Wakefield
John Ramsden Died 24th Jun 1842 Gardener of Brandy Carr
George Newton Died 31st Jan 1893 Farmer of Brandy Carr
Timothy Pearson Died 26th May 1882 Gentleman of Wrenthrope
Rev. John Whyte Died 11 Sep 1894 of Pitfar, Cameron Pk. Edinburgh
Thomas henry Goodwin Died 15th December 1823 Linen Draper of Birmingham
William Glass Died 13 April 1889 Weaver of Kinross
Margaret Glass Died 13 April 1917 Russell St. Devonport Auckland NZ
John Glass Died 29 May 1917 Russell St. Devonport Auckland NZ
Alfred duncan Glass Died 26 July 1950 Death certificate, Hastings NZ
Athol nolan Glass Died 1st December 1979 Will, Auckland NZ
Christopher Frederick Mann Died 10 jan 1885 Newton Road Auckland NZ
Harriet Mann Died 18 May 1902 in Auckland NZ
Harriet Mann Died 18 may 1902 Death Cert. New Plymouth NZ
Frederick william oakes Mann Died 2nd Jul 1945 Death Cert. New Plymouth NZ
Ann Eliza Waddel Died 14 Nov 1925 Will and Affidavit, Te Aroha NZ
George Waddel Died 11 Nov 1941 Will and Probate, Te Aroha NZ
John Edward Henry Low Died 3rd March 1955 Will, Whangarei, NZ
George arthur Waddel Died 21st Aug 1969 Will and Probate, Wenuapai NZ
James Elgey Died 22 sep 1900 OBIT Driffield times
Alexander Campbell Died 15th Aug 1850 of Dundavie, Probate at Perth, Scot
Duncan Campbell Died abt. 2nd oct 1875 Probate 1876, Lawrence, NZ
John Campbell Died 8th July 1891 farmer of Dundavie, Scot
James Campbell Died 24th October 1898 Miner of Blue Spur, NZ
Charles Campbell Died 9th January 1941 Miner of Takaka, NZ
Donald cumming Campbell Died 29th November 1946 Farmer of Takaka, NZ
Thomas Campbell Died 1973 Late of Richmond, NZ
Hilda May Campbell Died 2nd August 1995 Late of Richmond, NZ
Edward Chatterton Died 26 Dec 1834 Cotton Spinner of Gorton
Walter henry Boylan Died 2nd November 1888 Gentleman of Opotiki
George MacMahon Died 15th July 1935 Late of Stoke, Nelson, NZ
Henry MacMahon Died 4th October 1914 Late of Riwaka, Nelson, NZ
William Henry Goodyer Died 7th March 1929 Late of Murchison, Tasman, NZ
Joseph Vickers Died 3rd September 1908 Late of Kaipaki, NZ
Betsy elizabeth England Died 7th Auig. 1918 Late of Cambridge, NZ

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