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Caton of Lincolnshire Pearson of Wakefield Richardson of hull
Jones of Binum Binum Kinchant of Salop Borrell of Brigsley


Pedigree extracted from the College of Arms
this Thirteenth Day of June 1859

Additions made to this pedegree since 1859 to this date 9th July 1887
are faithful as in each the said was taken according to the College of Arms.

Info 1b Info 1a

Note;- DATES - Julian Calenda, so upto 1752 a new year did'nt start untill 25 March

 1st generation
 THOMAS CATON of Denham, Co. Suffolk, ......married Ante 1548 ...   Elizabeth Nelson  
 Died 26 April 1563   seized of lands in                     |             his wife  
 Wendling, Co. Norfolk                                       |             living 1572 & 1583 
(purchased 2-Edw. VI 1517/8/9  from Thomas Hogan)            |        
 Inq. p. m. taken at Norwich 27 March  6-Eliz.  1564         |       
          ( Elizabeth 1st Reign starts 17 nov 1558 )         |
sheet 2/3
 2nd generation                                             |
 Thomas Caton               Henry Caton               Margaret          Ann      Helen    Mary      Male      Elizabeth 
 of Brumstead Co Nofk.      of Denham  Co.Suffolk     Eldest daughter  (remaining 5 children all named in th Will of
 (born~1541)                Will dated 12 July 1579   Married           their elder Brother, Henry Caton, who died 1579 )
 Found  heir to his         Proved 5th Aug 1579       before 1572 to      
 father at aged 23 years                              John Colman
 Mergerie - source; Henry's bapt
 b.1522? Denham Suffolk
 | 3rd
 Henery (Henricus) Caton     Thomas Caton        William Caton            Jane          Masaurd       Auburey
 Of Thorpe Abbotts,          born                of Denham Afsd           b.            b.            b.
 Bapt 18dec1569 Brumstead    2nd son and a       3rd son, a minor 1583    living        living        living
 Died 15dec1639              minor 1583          Will dat. 24 Oct  and    1585          1585          1585
 |                                               Proved 1st Dec 1642   
 |                                               in the Consistory Court, 
 |                                               at Norwich
 m.03 Oct 1592 Thorpe Abbotts 
 de Wales 
 d.  survived her husband
sheet 4
 | 4th          Children of Mary Wales and Thomas Caton
 Henry               Elizabeth         Thomas Caton the elder    Agnes            Peter  of  Brome      Hester 
 Bapt.13oct1593      Bapt.21sept1595   of Thorpe Abbotts         born             Co. Suffolk           batised
 at Thorpe Abbotts   at                Bapt. 28aug1597.          30 Oct 1599      born 8th May and      12 April 1608
 buried there        Thorpe Abbotts    Thorpe Abbotts            and baptised     bapt. 15th May 1603   at 
 28th Mar 1595       |                 Bur. 28aug1670            4th Nov at       at Thorpe Abbotts     Thorpe Abbotts
 *************       |                 |                         Thorpe Abbotts   | Living  Hier
  gif gif gif gif gif gif  
 |                   |                 |                                          |
                     m.05oct1618       m.~nov1622                                 m.before 1630
                     Thorpe Abbotts    |                                          | 
                     William           Ann                                        Ann
                     Clark             Wythe                                      Constable  
                                       bapt. 18th Ocober 1601                     b. 
                                       dau of Richard Wythe of                    d. living 1640
                                       Brockdish Co. Norfolk       
                                       Buried 19th August 1670
                                       at Thorpe Abbotts  
sheet 5
 5th                                   | children of Ann Wythe and Thomas Caton
 Thomas Caton       Mary Caton      Henry Caton of        Richard Caton         John Caton     Peter Caton sometimes of  
 of Thorpe Abbotts  bapt 4nov1622   Holton Co. Suffolk.   named in his          in will? 1670  Brockdish & afterwards
 son & heir         Brockdish       Bapt. 24feb1628       fathers & Brothers                   of Larling Co. Norfolk. 
 br.17jan1705                       at Brockdish          Wills 1670 & 1677                    Youngest son.
 | Thorpe Abbotts                   Living 1670.           Prov. at Ipswich                     Will dat 23 Oct 1688
 |                                  Will dated            24th June following.                 prov 24 Jan 1688/9 at 
 |                                  24th April 1699       Married and had issue                the Archdeaconry Court
 |                                  Died.                 buried 23apr1697                     At Norwich
 |                                                        at Thorpe Abbotts                    |          
  gif gif gif gif gif gif  
 |                                                                                             |    
 m.1654?                                                                                       m.1672
 |                                                                                             |  
 Susannah                                                                                      Ann
 Constable dau of Luke Constable Es.                                                           Brett dau of John Brett
 Swaffham Market Co. Norfolk                                                                   of Larling afsd. 
 buried 28nov1705 Thorpe Abbotts                                                               Marriage settlement 
 |                                                                                             dated 4th January 1672 
 |                                                                                             |=====================
 |                                                                                             Henry? born~1675 died 1712 
 | 6th      children of Susanna Constable and Thomas Caton                                                       cont.
 Luke Caton              William Caton           Gregory                 Anne Caton             Thomas Caton          
 named in the 1660       born ante 1660          named in the 1660       Eldest daughter        bapt? Thorpe Abbotts?   
 Will of his             named in his father's   Will of his             named in the Will      born ante 1660 
 grandfather             Will 1677 as 3rd son    grandfather             of her grandfather     mentioned in Will 
 Luke Constable          buried 2nd Nov 1699     Luke Constable.         born ant 1660          of father 1677     
 |                       ******************      died before 1677?       died 1699                   
  gif gif gif gif gif  
 m.13jan1683 St Mary        
 Safron Waldon Essex  
sheet 6
     6th continued  
        Martha               Francis              Susannah             John                 Henry
  gif gif gif gif   gif gif  
        bapt.25feb1663/4     bapt.06aug1666       2nd surviving        Bapt. 22May1668      Bapt.27apr1671
        Thorpe Abbotts       Thorpe Abbotts       dau a minor          Thorpe Abbotts       Thorpe Abbotts
        bur.21feb1664/5      bur.24mar1668        in 1677 will         Bur.08apr1717        buried 4may1699
        Thorpe Abbotts       **************       died  23nov1705      Thorpe Abbotts      Thorpe Abbotts   
      .                                                                |
                                                                       m.25apr1705 Alburgh, Nofk
                                                                       Phillipa  dau of 
                                                                       Wythe  Richard Wythe of Brockdish
                                                                       b.23jan1671(*73)          Will 1762/3
                                                 7th                   | 
                                                 Thomas Caton          John Caton 
                                                 bapt. 3 feb 1707      bapt. 05dec1709   
                                                 Thorpe Abbotts        Thorpe Abbotts
                                                 son & heir            |
                                                 bur.22 jan 1749       bur.19 jan 1710 
                                                 Thorpe Abbotts        Thorpe Abbotts
                                                 |                     ***************
                                                 Thurston dau of John Thurston of Lynn

sheet 7

Alternate tree from Burks Landed Gentry

Info 7a, Caton Documents

John de Caton, or Katon of Catton county Norfolk living in 1420
John de Catton who died AD 1458 
Henry de Catton      Robert            William         Peter                
|                    last abbot                        Rector
|                    of St Albans                      East or Gt Waltham?
|                    d.1538            d.1530          d.1556
Henry de CATTON of Thorpe Abbotts   
br17dec1639 at Thorpe Abbotts
Mary daughter of De  Wales Esq
sheet 7b
|          note: Agnes christened as CATON, which spelling thereafter continued
Henry         Elizabeth     Thomas        Agnes         Peter         Hester  
b.            b.            b.            b.30oct       b.08may       b.
c.13sep1593   c.21sep1595   c.28aug1597   c.04nov1599   c.15may1603   c.12apr1608
br28mar1595   d.            br28aug1670                 d.1670+       br12dec1639
***********   |             | age 73 family vault       |
              m.05oct1618   m.                          m.
              |             |                           |  
              W             Ann                         Ann
              Clark         Wythe                       Constable
                            br19aug1670                 b.
                            |                           d.
                            |                           |
 |================|=========|             |=============|===============|============||
 Henry            Thomas                  Henry         Thomas          William     
 c,24feb1628      c.30oct1632?            c.16feb1630   c.30oct1632?    c.
 d.young          d.                      br24jul1631   d.              d.
 ********         |                       ***********   |               | 
                  m?1659                                m.1659          m.
                  |                                     |               |
                  Susannah..............................Susannah        ?
                  Steadman      ?                       Constable       ? 
                  b.            ?                                       |
                                ?                     |============|============|=========||
                                ?                     Mary         Susannah     Mary 
                                ?                     |            |            frances   
                                                      c.26dec1699  c.03nov1702  c.19apr1705
It is around this point a major discrepancy arrises as to which Thomas is which?
Burks has his father Peter b.1603 who only succeded following the death of
Peter's elder brother Thomas b.1597 who died with out living issue however
the extract in 1859 assigns him as son of Thomas b.1597 not Peter
sheet 8
Thomas Caton  of Thorpe Abbotts 
br.23nov1705 in Family Vault by his son  
Stedman  daughter of Stedman esq. of Lynn
Martha        Frances        John          Henry          Thomas       Richard     
c.25feb1663   c.06aug1666    c.22may1668   c.27apr1671    b.~1675      c.    
br21feb1664   br24mar1668    br08apr1717   br04may1699    br28nov1712  br23apr1698   
John Caton ..............of Thorpe Abbotts
br.08apr1717   Will dated 03Feb1706 
|              proved at the Archdeaconary Court, Norwich 31 Jan 1717/18
m.after 1690 abt 1698
Wythe         daughter of Mary Thruston and Richard Wythe esq. of Norfolk
b~1667        Brockdish, Norfolk
d.1769?       Will date at Brockdish 22 dec 1761
|             proved at the Archdeaconary Court at Norwich 21jan1769
Thomas Caton                     John             
c.03feb1707                      c.05dec1709
d.12jun1782                      d.
of Thorpe Abbotts (eldest son)   br19jan1711
Thurston  2nd daughter of John Thurston

sheet 9

Caton of Denham and Thorpe Abbotts - Source

" A Genealogical and Heraldic History of Commoners"
Vol.  IV,   Page 305. - Caton Of Binbrook.
which mentions many variations of the name from the early 12th to the 15th centuries but starts with:-

John de Catton of Katon of Vatton., Norfolk (a 1420)
1. John de Catton of Catton (d 1458)
  m. Margaret
  2. Henrie de Catton
  i. Henrie de Catton
  a. Henry de Catton of Thorpe Abbots - see alternative parentage below
  m. (03.10.1592) Mary de Wales
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (d 1538, the last Abbot of St. Albans?),
     William,   Peter (d 1556, Rector of East/Great Wrentham)

However George Alfred Carthew's "Hundreds of Launditch Part 111,p.467"
confirns The College of Arms line decending via Thomas Caton who married Susanna Constable
G A Carthew, FSA (1807-1882) was an English Antiquarian, Historian and Genealogist, from Dereham, Norfolk,
though he worked as a solicitor for most of his life.

G. A. Carthew by Wikipedia

1. Thomas Caton of Denham (Suffolk) & Wendling (Norfolk) (d 26.04.1563)
  m. (1548) Elizabeth Nelson (a 1583)
A.   2.1 Thomas Caton of Brunstede (d 21.07.1583)
  2.2 Henry Caton of Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk (b c1571, d 15.12.1639)
  m. (03.10.1592) Mary Wales
  3. Thomas Caton of Thorpe Abbots (bpt 28.08.1597, bur 28.08.1670, 2nd son)
  m. (c1632) Anne Wythe (bpt 18.10.1601, bur 19.08.1670, dau of Richard Wythe of Brockdish)
  4. Thomas Caton of Thorpe Abbots (bur 17.01.1705-6)
  m. (before 1654) Susan Constable (bur 23.11.1705, dau/coheir of Luke Constable of Swaffham)

  B. William Caton of Denham (a 1583, d c11.1642)
  i.+ issue - Henry, Robert
  C.+ other issue (a 1583) - Thomas, Jane, Margaret, Audrey
  2.3 Margaret Caton 3rd child of Thomas and Elizabeth Nelson
  m. (before 1572) John Coleman

(1) John Caton of Thorpe Abbots (bpt 02.05.1688, bur 08.04.1717, last child of Thomas Caton & Susannah Constable)
  m. Philippa Wythe (who died before 21.01.1763, dau of Richard Wythe of Brockdish
by Mary, dau of Nathaniel Thruston of Hoxne Abbey)
  2. Thomas Caton of Thorpe Abbots (bpt 03.02.1707, bur 22.01.1749)
  m. Hannah Stedman of Lynn (a 1754, m2. Thomas Baret of Brockdish)
  (i) Thurston John Caton of Thorpe Abbots (b 15.08.1745, d 13.06.1782)
  m.30.03.1772 to Margaret Hawksmore Bewley (dau/coheir of Richard Bewley of Binbrook & Kirton,
Margaret Hawsmore (Caton) m2.17sep1783 Lt. Colonel George Herbert Adams)
  (a) Richard Bewley Caton of Binbrook & Kirton (Lincolnshire) (b 23.03.1774, d 24.01.1864)
m. Elizabeth Keating Power (b 1769-70, d 27.03.1852, dau of Richard Power of Whiteford (co. Tipperary))
  (b) Thomas Mott Caton (dsp 29.03.1853, MD)
  m. Eliza Wood (dau of Major Basil Wood of Oxfordshire)
  " A Genealogical and Heraldic History of Commoners"
shows the following additional children in this generation.
  (c) Eliza Lyonella Charlotta Caton born 1780/82
  m. 11.06.1804, Benjamin Borrell of Brigsley
  (d)+ other issue - Charlotta ann hawksmore Caton c.1773(d young),
Harriet hawksmore Caton c.1775, Hannah Phillips Caton c.1779
(ii) Susanna Caton (b 1641-2, d 08.07.1725)
  m. (28.09.1763) Charles Chauncy (b c1632, d 01.03.1704, Rector of Ayott St. Peter's)

  (B) John Caton (bpt 05.12.1709, bur 19.06.1711)
  (2) other issue - Thomas, Luke, William, Gregory, Henry (bpt 27.04.1671, bur 04.05.1699),
+   Anne,   Martha,   Frances,   Susanna
  b. Henry Caton of Holton, Suffolk (bpt 24.02.1628, d c05.1699) had issue
  m. (before 16.04.1658) Catherine
  c. Peter Caton of Brockdish then Larling (d c12.1688, youngest son)
  m. (c1672) Ann Brett (dau of John Brett of Larling)
  i. + issue - John (d (unm?) before 26.11.1695), Thomas of Shopham (b c1675, d 28.11.1712), Sarah (a 1695)
  d.+ other issue - Richard (bur 23.04.1698), John (a 08.1670)
  ii. Peter Caton of Broome, Suffolk (b 08.05.1603, a 1670)
  m. Anne Constable
  a.+ issue - Henry, Thomas
  iii. Elizabeth Caton (bpt 21.09.1595)
  m. (05.10.1618) William Clarke
  iv.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 13.10.1593, bur 28.03.1595), Agnes (b 30.10.1599), Hester (bpt 12.04.1608)
  m2. ?? (05.11.1620) Susannah Woodward
3.+ other issue (a 1572) - Henry of Denham (dsp c08.1572), Anne, Helen, Mary, Grace, Elizabeth

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